Dubai World Trade Centre Figures Show Growth in Travel

Despite the challenges of the global economy, the Dubai World Trade Centre announced that it had a rise in the number of visitors in the first quarter of the year. This rise in visitor numbers is significant at a 15% increase over the same period of 2009. Over 639,000 people visited the six events hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and it is expected the number of total visitors for the year will greatly exceed the numbers of 2009.

This news is very promising for the hospitality and travel job sectors. Recent economic worries have slowed down the hiring of Dubai’s hotels and restaurants as businesses waited to see how bad business would be due to the economy. Thankfully, it looks as if things will be on the upswing. With these types of numbers coming from the Dubai World Trade Centre, it is expected similar increases in sales and guests will be reported by restaurants and hotels in Dubai.

There are many planned hotel openings throughout 2010. The security of knowing that the guests will be in Dubai once the hotels open will likely spur hiring of experienced hotel and restaurant staff throughout Dubai. If you have been considering a job in Dubai and have hospitality or travel experience now may be the best time to get your resume or CV in front of Dubai’s prominent hospitality recruiters. Many of the projects that are still under construction will begin hiring key employees prior to the completion of construction.

Job Trends for Physical Trainers, Dieticians and Spa Professionals in Dubai

For those health care professionals that focus on healthy living, such as physical trainers, dieticians and providers of spa related services, there is some good news brewing in Dubai. While traditionally you would be keeping an eye on the local news regarding hospitals and clinics, it seems a new opportunity for careers in Dubai is becoming quite popular.

Spas located inside of hotels have seen an enormous growth over the last quarter. Ernst & Young’s Spa Benchmark Survey Report was released this week, and it shows that profits have increased over 45.5% in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period of 2009. At first this may seem irrelevant, but it shows a promising trend.

If hotel guests at the five-star hotels that offer spa services such as massages, facial cleansing and physical fitness areas are seeing such a huge boom in business, it leads to believe that others that specialize in healthy living aspects of health care will be shortly following in profit increases. Getting healthy and staying healthy is reaching a fanatic level around the globe, and the people of Dubai are no exception to the rule.

Physical fitness trainers and holistic lifestyle professionals thinking about a career move to Dubai will find that there is a need for these services outside of the five star hotels. If working in a hotel spa does not seem quite the ideal situation, the time is right for going into business yourself and offering these same types of services to the residents of Dubai who typically must travel to the hotels for lack of other options.

New Engineers for Old Ideas

According to Dr. Ben Hughes of the Heriot-Watt University campus in Dubai, there is a new pressure on engineers in the area to find more sustainable options for energy sources. The heavy amount of construction throughout the UAE is harmful for the environment, as it releases emissions that contain carbon dioxide. Rather than focusing all efforts on developing new sources of energy, engineers are being encouraged to look at the past. Wind towers are becoming an important aspect of the areas energy conservation efforts, and engineers experienced in this type of technology are in high demand.

Simulations of a wind generated heating and air conditioning system that utilizes modern versions of wind towers combined with patented technology that relies on solar power were very successful at the Heriot-Watt University campus in Dubai. Adapting this technology to be cost effective for the climate in the UAE will require the collective work of engineers and architects in Dubai. For engineers that have been considering looking for opportunities in Dubai, this push for sustainable and eco-friendly heating and cooling options provides a chance to get in on the ground floor of what will likely be a system the world looks when moving forward into the future of energy use. Few areas of the world are putting such a high priority and focus on renewable energy as the UAE, and Dubai is the place to be if you want to be an engineer on the cutting edge of this advanced technology.

Infrastructure Building Gets Renewed Attention in Dubai Again

With the banks backing new construction projects again, it seems that the construction and infrastructure sector has its eyes on Dubai once again. Al Jaber LEGT Engineering and Contracting LLC just opened its new factory in Dubai Industrial City, and many more construction and infrastructure firms have plans in motion to do the same. ALEC’s new facility boasts 420,000 square feet of space that is home to five manufacturing divisions that include rebar, MEP, ceiling and partition, formwork and facilities management.

As ALEC and other similar companies settle into their new homes in Dubai, it is obvious to see why job growth in the sector has been on the rise over the last quarter. The construction sector was the hardest hit sector during the recent years slow down in building, but it seems to be the fastest to rebound.

Across Dubai, there is a rise in the number of vacancies and a significant increase in the amount of interviews taking place. In the first quarter it is estimated that there was a 113% increase in interviews over the same quarter last year. With more vacancies and more interviews, it is safe to say that the job market in Dubai is once again on the upswing from its past couple of years of troubled times.

Those considering a career in construction or infrastructure in Dubai should keep watch over the business happenings and announcements involving the Dubai Industrial City, which seems to be the hub of the activity and new growth. If you are considering a career move to Dubai, it would be best to be ahead of the competition by making contact with recruiters in the area now.

Volatile Circumstances in Finance and Banking Industries in Dubai May Bring Opportunities for Job Seekers

Dubai Islamic Bank recently released its second quarter reports, and the financial results were much better than some industry experts expected. While the global economy overall is barely clawing its way out of the dust of the economic crush, it seems that things are on the upswing and staying that way in Dubai. Dubai Islamic Bank reported a fifty percent increase in profits over last year’s first quarter, which is a very strong sign that the worst is past for the baking industry.

On the flip side of this coin is consumer credit and lending. News reports have been focused on the insurmountable amount of debt that both banks commercial borrowers and consumers have acquired during the economy’s troublesome last year. Because people were so accustomed to a life of luxury, many turned to borrowing more money to pay for previous high end purchases or used credit cards to support their lifestyle while the money was trickling in.  These debts will have to be paid back, and the banking and finance sectors will be working overtime to ensure obligations are met.

It appears to be fairly obvious that the banking and finance sector will be reaping the rewards of both of these situations, as an increase in profit means room for growth, and interest on outstanding commercial and consumer debt will continue to grow. If you have been thinking about a pursuing a career in Dubai’s banking industry, now would be the time to secure a position, as there will likely be many career opportunities on the horizon.

Accountants May Find Opportunities with Dubai SMEs and Startups

NAccountants across Dubai are finding that servicing the small to medium sized companies as well as hopeful entrepreneurs is a lucrative business model. While the majority of accountant in Dubai work for major corporations and handle just interal accounting, tighter rules on obtaining seed funding for starting or growing a small business is creating opportunities for accountants that may be overlooked when an accountant is seeking employment opportunities in Dubai.

Few banks are lending to startups or small businesses due to the economic situation in both Dubai and throughout the rest of the world. Taking the place of traditional commercial credit cards and microloans is Angel Funding. Angel Funding involves a lot of networking, and very good financial records.

When a startup or small business hopes to obtain funding from one of Dubai’s influential private investors, it must have a solid track record of financial stability. The only way to prove such stability is through detailed and thorough accounting. More startups, small and medium enterprises are looking to the local accounting firms to help them prove their worth to these Angel Investors.

There is little doubt that the banks will follow suit and begin lending to these smaller companies, but the rules for obtaining business credit will be stringent to avoid past mistakes. Accountants thinking of a career move to Dubai may want to consider thinking outside the box and looking for opportunities with firms that service the little guys, or consider striking it out on their own to take advantage of this new type of demand.