Dubai World Trade Centre Figures Show Growth in Travel

Despite the challenges of the global economy, the Dubai World Trade Centre announced that it had a rise in the number of visitors in the first quarter of the year. This rise in visitor numbers is significant at a 15% increase over the same period of 2009. Over 639,000 people visited the six events hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and it is expected the number of total visitors for the year will greatly exceed the numbers of 2009.

This news is very promising for the hospitality and travel job sectors. Recent economic worries have slowed down the hiring of Dubai’s hotels and restaurants as businesses waited to see how bad business would be due to the economy. Thankfully, it looks as if things will be on the upswing. With these types of numbers coming from the Dubai World Trade Centre, it is expected similar increases in sales and guests will be reported by restaurants and hotels in Dubai.

There are many planned hotel openings throughout 2010. The security of knowing that the guests will be in Dubai once the hotels open will likely spur hiring of experienced hotel and restaurant staff throughout Dubai. If you have been considering a job in Dubai and have hospitality or travel experience now may be the best time to get your resume or CV in front of Dubai’s prominent hospitality recruiters. Many of the projects that are still under construction will begin hiring key employees prior to the completion of construction.

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