Volatile Circumstances in Finance and Banking Industries in Dubai May Bring Opportunities for Job Seekers

Dubai Islamic Bank recently released its second quarter reports, and the financial results were much better than some industry experts expected. While the global economy overall is barely clawing its way out of the dust of the economic crush, it seems that things are on the upswing and staying that way in Dubai. Dubai Islamic Bank reported a fifty percent increase in profits over last year’s first quarter, which is a very strong sign that the worst is past for the baking industry.

On the flip side of this coin is consumer credit and lending. News reports have been focused on the insurmountable amount of debt that both banks commercial borrowers and consumers have acquired during the economy’s troublesome last year. Because people were so accustomed to a life of luxury, many turned to borrowing more money to pay for previous high end purchases or used credit cards to support their lifestyle while the money was trickling in.  These debts will have to be paid back, and the banking and finance sectors will be working overtime to ensure obligations are met.

It appears to be fairly obvious that the banking and finance sector will be reaping the rewards of both of these situations, as an increase in profit means room for growth, and interest on outstanding commercial and consumer debt will continue to grow. If you have been thinking about a pursuing a career in Dubai’s banking industry, now would be the time to secure a position, as there will likely be many career opportunities on the horizon.

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