Job Trends for Physical Trainers, Dieticians and Spa Professionals in Dubai

For those health care professionals that focus on healthy living, such as physical trainers, dieticians and providers of spa related services, there is some good news brewing in Dubai. While traditionally you would be keeping an eye on the local news regarding hospitals and clinics, it seems a new opportunity for careers in Dubai is becoming quite popular.

Spas located inside of hotels have seen an enormous growth over the last quarter. Ernst & Young’s Spa Benchmark Survey Report was released this week, and it shows that profits have increased over 45.5% in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period of 2009. At first this may seem irrelevant, but it shows a promising trend.

If hotel guests at the five-star hotels that offer spa services such as massages, facial cleansing and physical fitness areas are seeing such a huge boom in business, it leads to believe that others that specialize in healthy living aspects of health care will be shortly following in profit increases. Getting healthy and staying healthy is reaching a fanatic level around the globe, and the people of Dubai are no exception to the rule.

Physical fitness trainers and holistic lifestyle professionals thinking about a career move to Dubai will find that there is a need for these services outside of the five star hotels. If working in a hotel spa does not seem quite the ideal situation, the time is right for going into business yourself and offering these same types of services to the residents of Dubai who typically must travel to the hotels for lack of other options.

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