The Banking and Finance Job Sector in Dubai

Banking and finance jobs have come into the spotlight with the recent failures of several large banking institutions and scandals of firms and individuals cheating investors out of billions of dollars. When the United States experiences a deep economic recession such as the current financial crisis, the ripple effect on the economies of other countries is tremendous. One positive aspect of an economic downturn is that the skills and experience of banking and finance professionals are needed more than ever because of their ability to help organizations cut costs and increase profits.

The Dubai economy was largely founded on oil, but now relies heavily on tourism. Many projects such as the world’s tallest building and largest man-made island are attempts to make Dubai a highly desired tourist destination. Dubai has recently experienced an economic decline much like many other countries around the world. The economic struggles have spurred Dubai leaders to take swift action in an attempt to spur economic growth and diversification. City leaders have developed several strategies to attract a wide range of businesses to the city including firms in the biotechnology, aerospace, medical, tourism, IT, and financial fields.

Dubai’s efforts to grow and expand their economic base have resulted in an increase of banking and finance jobs. Individuals who can market themselves as people who can help an organization be more fiscally responsible as well as profitable can quite easily leverage themselves into a lucrative job in the banking and financial industry in Dubai.

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  1. mohamed hassan says:

    Teller and Financial accountant with a great record, Good experience in banking system and accounting field specially retail banking. Excellent communications skills – recognized for quality of written work and oral communication. Work well in both team settings and independently, Tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused, Very good Problem solving techniques.

    To work in a promising career that matches my qualifications and utilizes my enthusiasm where I can work within a team, hold responsibilities and innovate, and ability to interact with senior management and with the business community on a worldwide basis.

  2. Shiva Prakash Mobile: +91-9901319956
    Ref :vertika regds vertika abacus consultants,jaipur

    Carrier objective:
    To work for a reputed organization where I can prove myself using analytical and technical skills, where my three and a half years of work experience and proficiency in three languages can be fully utilized for organization’s goal of profit maximization and thus leading to self-growth.
    Professional Experience:
    • Having 4.1 years of experience in Banking Domain
    • Working in ICICI Bank and in Retail branch banking (Jan 2010- Till date). As a Senior Officer
    • Worked as an Officer (CPC-NRI-Operations) ICICI Bank Ltd.,(International Banking Group) at Hyderabad (Oct 2007- Jan 2010).
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations (PGDBO), Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Hyderabad.
    • MBA(Finance & H.R.M) from Osmania University in 2006.
    • B.Com(Computers) from Osmania University in 2004.

    1) Privilege Banker
    • Currently working as Privilege Banker where my responsibility is to serve Privilege Banking customers Query solving and servicing customers.
    • Team Management and routine customer transaction processing within “Turn around Time’, with Zero errors.
    • Co-ordination with Clients for understanding the business and functional requirements and provide assistance to the Technical Consultants in the Customization of the Interfaces / Reports.
    • Planning, Resource management and Training .
    • Cross sell of third party products for revenue generation for branch .
    • Played key role in analysis of the Service Request & Critical Requests solving it through process enhancement and hence improving the customer satisfaction matrix .
    • Preparing MIS and various other business reports to apprise top management of the routine business operations and assist in critical decision-making.
    • Capturing daily errors/delay in processing the requests and correcting.
    • Daily updating of daily business done at branch..

    2) Query and Remittance Desk-
    • Handled customer queries and ensured timely resolution, i.e., within the Turnaround Time. Front Office transactions like fund transfers, issuing DDs,POs,RTGS,NEFT,Registartion of mobile, Internet Banking etc.,

    3) Handled cash transactions as a main Teller
    • Handled cash transactions, where customers deposit/withdraw money.
    • Handing over of unprocessed cash to ICMC (Integrated Currency Management Chest).
    • Indenting processed cash from ICMC, which is issuable to customers.
    • Handing over of cash to outsourcing agency for ATM replenishment.

    Profile at CPCNRI

    In the initial stage of my career, I got an opportunity to work in IIOG (International India Operations Group).

    • Handling NRI customer service requests pertaining to their accounts with the bank.

    • Using different banking software’s like FINACLE, FCRM, STAFF WARE etc. in processing requests from various channels.

    • Co-Ordinating with branches all over India and overseas in servicing the NRI customers of the bank.

    • Handling foreign currency conversions. The six currencies (USD,GBP,EUR,CAD,AUD,JPS) to be converted into INR, INR to Foreign currency and also Cross currency means foreign currency to foreign currency.

    • Ensuring that all the requests received from the customer’s are processed with in TAT and without any error.

    • Sound Knowledge pertaining to Savings accounts, and Fixed deposits of NRI’s.

    • Hold regular team meetings with Team Members to ensure that there is constant flow of information and knowledge dissemination.

    • Ability to exercise leadership through effective communication of ideas, ability to pursue and convince others in challenges within the existing procedures and policies.

    • One of the few people in ICICI Bank, who has the access and Fund Reversal Rights to the Suspense Accounts, Office Accounts and Central Pooling Accounts of ICICI Bank.
    Personal Profile

    Name : Shiva Prakash.
    Date of birth : 22-07-1983.
    Marital Status : Single
    Nationality : Indian
    Languages Known : English, Telugu and Hindi

    Place: BANGALORE (Shiva Prakash)

  3. HI,


    Email address:

    Mobile: 0501195641

    Result oriented, qualified and with an eye for details. Highly motivated, dedicated, and reliable. Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and computer skills, with the ability to develop good relationship with client, colleagues and management. Can easily adapt to a fast paced environment.

    Objective To acquire a more challenging position, enabling me to contribute my knowledge, skills and abilities in an organization and to be with a growth-oriented team.


    Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM)
    University of the Philippines
    Clark Pampanga

    Trainings Attended

    Advanced Anti Money Laundering
    October 2010, Al Ansari Exchange UAE

    Advanced Customer Service Training
    December 2010, Al Ansari Exchange UAE

    Payplus Service Training
    January 2011, Al Ansari Exchange UAE

    Preventing Fraud and Counterfeit Money (PFCM)
    April 2011, Al Ansari Exchange UAE

    Counterfeit Detection & Signature Verification
    August 2003, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Makati, Philippines

    Service Plus
    October 2004, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Makati, Philippines

    Business Center Service & Operating Training Program
    Anti-Money Laundering
    May 2005, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Makati, Philippines

    Product Briefing and selling Fundamentals
    July 12, 2008, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Makati, Philippines

    Key Skills • MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
    • Fluent in English and Fukien
    • Basic Mandarin
    • Basic Accounting
    • Basic computer trouble shooting
    • Banking, Finance and Customer Service

    Work Experience
    November 13, 2008 – November 2, 2011 Al Ansari Exchange
    Sharjah United Arab Emirates
    Dirhams/Remittance Cashier/ Customer Service Assistant
    • Handles cash and foreign currencies
    • Process local and international remittances
    • Accepting phone inquiries
    • Opening account for overseas workers
    • Generate end of day reports
    • Process Western Union Services
    • Cross Selling
    • Assisting customer and attending their needs
    • Filling of documents and other reports
    • Requesting office supplies through PMS
    • Balance cash

    September 9, 2002 – July 31,2008 Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
    Manila, Philippines
    Bank Teller/Customer Service Assistant
    • Processed Cash Peso/Dollar (Different Denominations) transactions.
    • Provided assistance and solutions to client’s queries.
    • Promotes customer service and customer satisfaction.
    • Generates cash peso/dollar report, which will be forwarded to our Branch for verification/ audit.
    • Processed bills payments, account to account transfer, buying and selling of foreign bills, payroll, updating of passbook etc..
    • Processed peso and dollar time deposits accurately.
    • Accurately distinguish genuine form counterfeit bill.
    • Processed Cash Advance for credit cards
    • Processed Telegraphic Transfers(TT)/ Wire Transfers thru telenet system.
    • Processed Demand Drafts for dollar drafts thru telenet system.
    • Processing and releasing of Managers Check.
    • Handles Clearing operations for check deposits of the branch.
    • Handles microfilm of checks for batching at cash center.
    • Handles loading of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).
    • Processed Vault Management System (Vault cash inflow/outflow).
    • Assisting in balancing of cash in vault against Branch Delivery System (BDS).
    • Processed error correct of passbook (TSPB)
    • Handles Cash remittances.
    • Processed newly opened accounts.
    • Post verifies end of day medias (deposits, withdrawals, check encashments, etc.)
    • Verifies PDC /Returned Post Dated Cheques.
    • Process Financial Management System (FMS) and Transaction Summary(TS).
    • Printing of end of day reports (Audit trail summary, miscellaneous debit/credit, bank charges etc.)
    • Market bank products(Credit cards, Bancassurance, life and non-life insurance, etc) .
    • Balance T-set.
    • Verifies signatures.

    Interests Music, movies, playing pc games, surfing the net, traveling & reading

    Personal Details
    Single, Filipino, Roman Catholic, Born on March 15, 1981