The Banking and Finance Job Sector in Dubai

Banking and finance jobs have come into the spotlight with the recent failures of several large banking institutions and scandals of firms and individuals cheating investors out of billions of dollars. When the United States experiences a deep economic recession such as the current financial crisis, the ripple effect on the economies of other countries is tremendous. One positive aspect of an economic downturn is that the skills and experience of banking and finance professionals are needed more than ever because of their ability to help organizations cut costs and increase profits.

The Dubai economy was largely founded on oil, but now relies heavily on tourism. Many projects such as the world’s tallest building and largest man-made island are attempts to make Dubai a highly desired tourist destination. Dubai has recently experienced an economic decline much like many other countries around the world. The economic struggles have spurred Dubai leaders to take swift action in an attempt to spur economic growth and diversification. City leaders have developed several strategies to attract a wide range of businesses to the city including firms in the biotechnology, aerospace, medical, tourism, IT, and financial fields.

Dubai’s efforts to grow and expand their economic base have resulted in an increase of banking and finance jobs. Individuals who can market themselves as people who can help an organization be more fiscally responsible as well as profitable can quite easily leverage themselves into a lucrative job in the banking and financial industry in Dubai.

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