The Accounting Job Sector and Outlook in Dubai

The accounting job sector is expected to experience steady growth through the remainder of the decade as businesses are in need of individuals who can accurately reflect the current economic health of an organization. Accountants are also needed for their abilities to supply management with financial forecasts as part of an overall plan to grow and maintain financial stability. With widespread economic scandal breaking out worldwide in many top organizations as well as the global meltdown of banking institutions, organizations are in need of accountants to ensure financial records are compliant and fall within the accepted accounting guidelines.

One positive aspect of financial crisis is that accountants become more important because they are vital at helping organizations become more fiscally responsible. Many businesses are focusing on fiscal conservatism, which makes the qualified accountant an integral part of the organizational team. Many accounting jobs require at least a two-year associate degree, with many requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Much like the rest of the world, Dubai has fallen on difficult economic times within the past few years. Real estate prices have fallen dramatically as many tourist related construction projects have come to a halt. In response to the economic hardships in the construction industry, Dubai officials have set up industry specific zones throughout the region in hopes to attract businesses in the IT, biotechnology, medical, tourism, media, entertainment, and financial fields. The region is attracting many of these types of businesses, which bodes well for accounting professionals looking to live in an exotic, progressive area.

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