Personal Assistant Positions in Dubai Require Strong Business Skills

Becoming a personal assistant in Dubai may be a bit challenging for expatriates not yet in the area. When you consider the difference in roles and duties between a personal assistant working in the United States, for example, and a person with the same title working in Dubai, you will be quite surprised at the differences. Because of this it is important to understand what skills and education are required to succeed in Dubai as a personal assistant.

Many college   in western countries are considering Dubai jobs as a postgraduate option. The duties of a personal assistant in Dubai typically involve acting as a manager that assists in running a business. Students that are interested in working as a Personal Assistant should consider taking a wide variety of Human Resources, marketing and business management classes during their studies.

The key to finding a job as a personal assistant in Dubai is to network with recruiting firms that specialize in administrative positions. Unlike other positions that require large numbers of employees with specialized skills, most of Dubai’s most influential business people will only hire one or two personal assistants. As a result, the best jobs are rarely posted on public job boards.

A recruiter is the perfect way to discover these jobs that are not publically advertised, as they most typically will have relationships with the client from filling other positions in the organization. Speaking with a recruiter prior to graduation is the best idea, as you can take any additional courses needed to succeed as a personal assistant in Dubai before graduation, thus increasing your chances of securing the position you desire.

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