As Rebranding Becomes More Important, Career Opportunities Open up For Media and PR Professionals

The Media Factory has been having a rough couple of years, with the loss of its in-flight magazine and highly profitable Oryx magazine. After four years of producing the magazine for Qatar Airways, the airline decided to end the relationship with The Media Factory.  The Thai Airways magazine similarly came to halt, along with the football magazine Four Four Two and other private titles published for clients of The Media Factory.

Rumor has it that Mediaquest is considering buying out the ailing publishing house, mainly because of its legal, insurance and business titles that are still considerably profitable. While its just rumor, it could bode well for the media sector if the negotiations are taking place and are successful.

The majority of opportunities for jobs in the media and public relations sector over the last few years have been with advertising companies or with large enterprises that are focusing on rebranding after the economic crisis. However, if this purchase takes place there could be some terrific opportunities for media experts to handle the titles after the changeover takes place and journalists to replace those that choose not to work for Mediaquest after the changeover takes place.

For those individuals with the credentials to call themselves media and public relations professionals, Dubai still has plenty of lucrative opportunities. Many companies are changing the focus of their business and making customer service and rebranding a priority for 2011. Experienced expatriates are always in need, and the sector continues to show promise of growth while other sectors are stagnating.

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