Sales and Marketing Professionals Needed For the Fashion and Retail Industries in Dubai

The global fashion industry is likely focusing its attention on Dubai this week, as several news announcements were made that suggest London, Paris and New York may have a harder time keeping their grip on being the premier fashion hubs in the world. Aside from several major designers expanding operations into the Dubai market, there is also the fact that the London College of Fashion is focusing on providing short courses in Dubai. Guest lecturers of these courses include non other than Donatella Versace, Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford. These big name players in the fashion world would hardly waste their time if Dubai was not well on the way to being major impact in global fashion.

Dubai’s retail sector has seen surprising growth in the recent months, and there are plans for several new retail complexes to begin construction in the next quarter. These are great signs that the economy is on an upswing, but also provides many job opportunities for people with sales & marketing experience.

While traditionally, most people would think of sales and marketing as it relates to business-to-business sales, the upswing in interest in the fashion industry will create many unique opportunities as fashion companies begin vying for the consumers attention through advertising and branding.

Dubai’s high per capita income levels are the perfect environments to support and sustain growth of the high-end fashion sector. Few areas of the world can cite the income levels and love of luxury items that the people of Dubai provide for the fashion industry. Sales and marketing experts will find the sector rich with opportunities to help designers and retailers secure their share of the consumer’s spending.

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