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In an increasingly mobile and digital world, it comes as no surprise that job opportunities are appearing more and more online. Online job opportunities in the UAE in May 2012 exceeded last year’s level by as much as 57 per cent  says Monster Employment Index Middle East as reported by Emirates24/7.

With Dubai being strong in logistics and tourism, it is reflected by the increasing demand for retail/hospitality and logistics industries leading the pack with most gains in the job market. The best news comes from GulfTalent, who have claimed that Dubai’s share of recruitment is on the rise after 2 years of slowdown due to a combination of job growth and staff turnover.

On the other hand, a surprise package is going to be the Pharma industry as per this report on AMEInfo. The good news for Dubai job hunters iin this report is that, ” In the UAE more specifically, pharmaceutical imports were worth Dhs3bn in 2010, up from Dhs800m in 2003, while exports rose from Dhs100m to Dhs400m (during the same timeframe).”

Considering this positive trend being witnessed in the market combined with the end of the summer seasons coming up, this is the best time to brush up your CVs, enhance your qualifications and go hunting for that job you seek. Remember to keep a sharp eye out for the increasing job opportunities being posted online.

Good Luck.

» Online job opportunities in UAE up 57% Y-O-Y | Emirates247.com

» UAE pharmaceutical industry to lead regional growth| AMEInfo.com

Be Ready for these Top Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions

Getting an interview call can be tough. So, it becomes even more important that when the opportunity arises, to be prepared for the questions that can come your way.

Emirates 24/7 recently posted a very useful article where a few leading recruiters shared what they call the “Top 3 Interview Questions by UAE Employers”. A very insightful article that is must for all you job-seekers out there to prepare for. As the article mentions, ” in the end it all boils down to three questions that most candidates are asked during the interview process; even though it may be worded differently”. The article also highlights a very pertinent point that the depth of the questions can vary depending on the complexity or complication of the vacancy at hand.

Go ahead and take a good look at this very useful article for all those seeking employment within the UAE. Dubai Employment Tips will continue to bring to you these and many more tips to help you land that elusive job.

Happy Job Hunting.

» Top 3 questions by UAE employers at interview | Emirates247.com

Gearing up for an Interview – The Checklist

Interview Checklist

While we’re all well aware of the importance of preparing for school and university exams, an interview preparation takes on a different flavor. It’s more like a football or cricket match, in spite of all the preparation and practice; you never know what your opposition can throw at you. Interestingly, like sports, interviews also have a certain boundary within which they will occur and so, it becomes even more important for one to be prepared.

The Checklist below should guide you through your preparation in addition to your domain and subject knowledge.

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The Jobs are Back!

hiring in uae

Khaleej Times reported 2 days back that its hiring time again in the UAE :)

Following the 2008-2009 global economic crisis, this has to be the best news in a long time for all you aspiring job-seekers out there. Or as Khaleej Times has so aptly put, “After the downturn, the UAE is sensing a healthy recovery vibe post the lay-off spree that took place during the 2008-2009 global economic depression.

The article doesn’t just stop there, it goes on to highlight some key points such as 51% of employers look for communications skills in both Arabic and English. It also points out that social media hiring is also on the rise with employers choosing its for its cost-effectiveness. Finally, some good old advice on avoiding common CV errors and what recruiters look for in a candidate.

So, what are you waiting for? Polish up your language skills, step up your social media presence and check out the article for more pointers.

» Hiring Time again | KhaleejTimes.com

Meet UAE’s Best Paying Professions

Salary in UAE

Everyone wants their monthly pay slip to be bigger than it is. So, if you are making you first career step or even planning to change careers, check out Gulf Business’s salary survey results for 2012. It is not surprising to find that in UAE, where the working community is a floating population, the Human Resources leads as the highest paid sector. Or then again, it may be because they budget their own pay ;)

Gulf Business summarises their survey as, “UAE salaries on average saw a slight increase year on year in 2012 overall, with human resources leading the pack.

With such a positive outlook, take a look at the highest paid sectors in UAE from the link below, choose your pick and make that move.

» Top Ten Salaries in the UAE | GulfBusiness.com

Learn to “question” your interviewer


An interview is not all about getting your answers right. It is also about putting in the right questions to your interviewer. As much as your prospective employer needs to discover you, you must also discover your employer to make that decision to separate an unsatisfactory job from a good career move. We found some great questions on Inc.com and the author highlights in this guide that great candidates evaluate a company.

“Great candidates ask questions they want answered because they’re evaluating you, your company–and whether they really want to work for you.”

While this article focuses on the employers than candidates, we found these 5 questions as a surefire way of letting your potential employers know that you are a serious, competent and ambitious resource.  Check out the link below for Jeff Haden’s interesting article .

» 5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask | Inc.com