Telecommunication Jobs in Dubai

Telecommunication Jobs in Dubai

Dubai prides itself on its high tech infrastructure

Propelled by the booming construction and financial services industries as well as government deregulation, Dubai’s telecommunication sector has experienced tremendous growth over the recent years.

This industry provides voice communications, data, graphics, television, and video streams at ever increasing speeds and in an increasing number of ways. Wireless communication services, Internet service, and cable and satellite program distribution have seen a substantial growth over the past several years and are increasing its share in the overall industry. The industry has a good perspective for the future, given that growth will come from the growing population and increasing number of expatriates.

The industry provides jobs for various installation, maintenance, and repair occupations; telecom equipment installers and repairers; equipment operators; Computer software engineers and network systems and data communications analysts; and various managerial and clerical workers. Some specific occupational titles in this industry include general and operations managers, network and computer systems administrators and data communications analysts, sales engineers and analysts, telephone operators and customer service representatives, as well as various equipment installers and repairers.

Many of these jobs and companies are located in Dubai Internet City. You can reach these companies directly by using our company research guide.

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