Looking for a job in Dubai? Go online…

In an increasingly mobile and digital world, it comes as no surprise that job opportunities are appearing more and more online. Online job opportunities in the UAE in May 2012 exceeded last year’s level by as much as 57 per cent  says Monster Employment Index Middle East as reported by Emirates24/7.

With Dubai being strong in logistics and tourism, it is reflected by the increasing demand for retail/hospitality and logistics industries leading the pack with most gains in the job market. The best news comes from GulfTalent, who have claimed that Dubai’s share of recruitment is on the rise after 2 years of slowdown due to a combination of job growth and staff turnover.

On the other hand, a surprise package is going to be the Pharma industry as per this report on AMEInfo. The good news for Dubai job hunters iin this report is that, ” In the UAE more specifically, pharmaceutical imports were worth Dhs3bn in 2010, up from Dhs800m in 2003, while exports rose from Dhs100m to Dhs400m (during the same timeframe).”

Considering this positive trend being witnessed in the market combined with the end of the summer seasons coming up, this is the best time to brush up your CVs, enhance your qualifications and go hunting for that job you seek. Remember to keep a sharp eye out for the increasing job opportunities being posted online.

Good Luck.

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