Dubai Jobs Scams

Job Sites Scams

As you look for a job in Dubai, you will come across lots of websites that claim to offer a service that helps job seekers find a job. Many of these websites are, bluntly put, scams.

Here’s how an intelligent person might fall victim to these scams:

By searching online, you might end up in a very nice looking website and you will find a list of adequately named job positions, such as “Accountant,” “Project Manager,” “Human Resources Manager,” etc. You might then think to yourself, “Great! That’s exactly what I want to do.” So, you register, spend time filling out all the forms, upload your CV, and click “Apply”

Two days later, you receive a very positively sounding email that is written in a way to make you think that your application has been successful and all that is stopping you from securing a job interview and hopefully a job offer from Dubai is a relatively small fee that you have to pay to this website from which you applied for this job!

You may even be told that by paying this fee you are guaranteed to find a job or your money back. Then when you read the fine print or investigate deeper, you realize that they’ll honor this claim only after half a year had passed, if at all!

What do you get in return for your payment? Mostly, nothing of value to you.

Before you pay up, always know exactly what you are paying for and who you are dealing with.

Recruitment Agency Scams in Dubai

Many job seekers don’t fully understand the role of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies are not employers. Recruitment agencies work for employers. They help employers fill vacancies, and when they do that successfully, they get paid by the employer, not the job seeker.

Remember, job seekers are sellers and employers are buyers. In most cases, commission to the broker is paid by the buyer; with recruitment agencies and hiring there is no exception.

But because most job seekers are unaware of this relationship, they end up being taken advantage of.

Here’s how you might fall for a scam recruitment agency or agent:

You go to a popular online classifieds or a newspaper in Dubai and you advertise in the jobs wanted section. You put your email or your telephone number. Then, you receive a call from somebody who tells you that they are interested in getting you hired. You will naturally get excited and do as they say. Then, sooner or later, they will ask you to pay them!

At this point, you should realize that they are trying to scam you, and you should go wild on them.

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