Guide to Executive Jobs in Dubai

Why Does Dubai Crave Managers, Executives and Specialists?

Despite of all the stride that Dubai has made in a very short period of time, Dubai is still considered to be a part of a developing country. Most of Dubai’s companies have not matured to the level where they can produce and keep the required talent. Therefore, employers in Dubai find themselves frequently relying on experience, knowledge and talent of seasoned executives from outside to help them drive their unstructured business.

The Challenge

Because most industries in Dubai still lack structure, the job of an executive in Dubai is exceptionally challenging.

Companies in Dubai do not only require managers for day-to-day operations, but they also require executives and leaders to implement structure, policies, and business models to ensure the sustainability of the operations of the company throughout the rapidly developing Dubai economy.

Is There Enough of an Incentive?

The good news is that Dubai employers do realize the unusual challenge that is in store for executives and managers in Dubai, so the compensation and benefits for manager jobs in Dubai are usually higher than their counterparts in developed Western countries

According to research done by PayScale, Inc

The median national salary range in the U.S. starts at around $43,000 and increases to almost $72,000 after 20 years of experience. Compared to Dubai, median salaries in the U.S. start out higher for those with less experience, but end up lower than the salaries in Dubai for those with many years of experience. Comparing salaries by job title, median construction project manager salaries in the U.S. are about $16,000 less than project manager salaries in Dubai.

So, even though Dubai may not be the right place for freshers or professionals with only a few years of experience, it definitely offers attractive employment opportunities to managers, executives and specialists who are ready to take up the challenge.

What Does a Profile of Highly Paid Executive in Dubai Look Like?

Obviously, the answer to this question can vary greatly. Generally speaking, a Dubai manager would have the following traits:

  • Education or experience from a 1st world, developed economy (i.e. Western Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, etc)
  • 7+ years of relevant experience
  • Leadership skills, such as effective motivational speaking

Are there people who don’t exactly match this profile who still occupy managerial positions in Dubai? Of course. If a Mark Zuckerberg with less than 7 years of experience applied for a manager position in some technology company in Dubai, they’d give his application a second look…

Additionally, some specialists may not have practical work experience. On the strong side, they have a high level of technical know-how in their fields (i.e. holders of Ph.Ds from reputable universities). Specialists are definitely valued by companies in Dubai.

“How Can I Get a Piece of the Action?”

Managerial positions are seldom advertised on job boards. Even the ones that are advertised are usually made by recruiters who are having a hard time headhunting. Management and executive level jobs in Dubai are usually found via professional networking or headhunting.

If you are looking for a manager or executive job in Dubai, you’d do well by contacting Dubai headhunters and executive search firms.

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