Landing Soon in UAE – Jobs in Aerostructures

Aerostructure Jobs in UAE

The National has reported today that both, Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways, have reinforced UAE’s partnership with the US. This is being achieved through more flights non-stop flights to Washington DC by both airlines.  While increasing flights directly translates to increasing in-flight crew requirements, what catches the eye is the choice of Strata Manufacturing ( a subsidiary of Mubadala Aerospace) as Boeing’s first Middle East supplier of  aerostructures for its 787 Dreamliner plane till 2020.

The shot in the arm comes from this news for us job seekers out there, “Strata is projected to expand capacity and create up to 10,000 jobs by 2030.” For those of you in the field of aircraft engineering, keep your eyes and ears open as this is expected to raise vacancies for a good many years to come. Don’t forget to brush up your skills and knowledge too.

» Etihad and Emirates to reinforce UAE partnership with US | The National

Speaking the Language to get the Job

Arabic for a Career in Dubai

Dubai, a major commercial city in UAE and the GCC, may appear to be international and tourist friendly. However, within its soul, it is an Arab city. While the functional ecosystem of Dubai does not make it necessary to be able to speak Arabic to thrive in this city of opportunities, with the Emiratization drive of the 1990s picking up pace and penetration well into the new millennium has now given cause for Arabic to be as prominent as English.

A recent report from Emirates247 highlights a growing population of expats learning Arabic, not only to fit into the local culture, but also to get jobs and enhance their career.

“I want to work as a show host on television, and most preferably I will host the show in Arabic,”  says an executive in the television industry who harbors a desire to be a show host in Arabic in this report.

While this is perhaps, not a layman example, it applies everywhere. Working the government sector or the services and retail industry of Dubai, Arabic is becoming essential in business. This becomes even more prominent considering the large number of tourists that Dubai attracts from neighboring GCC countries.

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Choosing between the New Offer versus the Counter Offer…

Job Offer versus Counter Offer

While most of our readers are expatriates looking for an entry into the Dubai job market, we also see a good number of you who are looking to change jobs from within Dubai. This article is for those of you looking to change jobs in Dubai.

In the past we have focused a good amount of writing space on industry jobs trends, interview preparations and the link, but, the journey for some do not end at a job offer. Some of us go back to our current employers to resign, only to be taken aback by a counteroffer. And we go, “What was that? I wasn’t expecting that. Now, what to do…?”

So, let us look at the Cause, Effect and Analysis to tackle your New Offer versus Counter Offer battle.

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No Response from Dubai Recruiters? Here’s Why…

Why Dubai Recruiters don't respond

From the moment we submit our CV for a job, we are impatiently waiting to hear back from the recruiters in the hope that we’ve been successfully shortlisted or called for an interview. Yet, most times, we hear nothing from them. While this can be very painful and frustrating, it is important for us to understand where the problem could lie. Could it be one of those “prospecting” vacancies posted by recruiting agencies just to build up a database? Was something lacking in our CV or our experience and qualifications? Or is this just a routine and pattern we must expect and be prepared for?

Finding a job is an arduous task and while Dubai was reeling behind with lack of jobs due to the recent recession until about a year ago, recent reports in the media have shown that hiring time is back. However, this does not always guarantee an influx of return calls from the recruiters and we must still focus on avoiding the black hole to which most CV end up in. Some key reasons why our CV never trigger a response are…

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Salaries expected to Increase for Finance professionals in Dubai

7% Salary Increase expected for Finance Executives

We know that the Jobs are Back in Dubai. What about the salaries?

With Dubai getting back up from the economic recession slowdown, are we going to see an increase in the salaries? Well, this survey report in Emirates24/7 claims that it will!

Its not a surprise that its expected to start from the same people who handle the finances for the companies, the Finance department. The survey claims that more than 60% percent of finance leaders expect a recruitment spree and a 7% increase in salaries for Finance professionals. Interestingly, it is also quoted that “the biggest drivers for increased hiring levels are rising workloads (64 per cent) and eight in 10 (81 per cent) finance leaders find it challenging to source out skilled financial professionals today.”

If you are a finance professional, its time to debit your knowledge, credit it into your resume and start reducing the liability of job hunting by keeping a sharp eye out for vacancies. At Dubai Employment Tips, we have already put up some interesting advice to find those jobs, especially in the growing online and social media channels. Once you get those interview calls, check out some valuable interview tips to bag that job you’ve been looking for.

» 7% salary hike for accounting, finance execs in Dubai |

Dubai Jobs take the Social Path

LinkedIn Jobs in Dubai

We’ve all been there and done that with snail mail, e-mail and websites when it come to looking and applying for jobs. That is soon to become so yesterday. Social Media giant LinkedIn has announced it is soon to connect with Dubai in bringing jobs. In fact, LinkedIn itself is recruiting for their upcoming office in Dubai including those of an Office Manager and a secretary.

What this means to you aspiring job hunters is that its time to get yourself a snappy LinkedIn profile up and running. For those of you, who already have one, time to brush it up and update it.

However, putting up a LinkedIn profile comes with its check points. Unlike a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, LinkedIn is strictly a professional networking site and so it would be prudent of you to take heed as to what you put up on your LinkedIn profile. Forbes has a very interesting article on the 8 Things that’s done wrong on the LinkedIn profile. These are very applicable in Dubai also.

In addition to those valuable inputs, in Dubai, you would also be well advised to avoid religious comments, political statements and sexual updates.

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