Teaching and Education Jobs in Dubai

Teaching and Education Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is an International City with International Education

With the increase in the overall population in Dubai and the consequent opening of a large number of schools, well-paid teaching jobs have become abundant. Instruction in public schools is held in Arabic, with an emphasis on English as a second language. In private schools, it is the other way around.

For most jobs in this field, Bachelor’s degree is a minimum necessary requirement, usually for primary school providers. At the secondary and tertiary level, the vast majority of professional jobs requires post-graduate education as well as specialization in a particular field. For language teachers, such as English teaching, a certificate course in the taught language is required. Salary is usually commensurate with the qualification and professional experience of the candidate. Many international and high-profile universities and research centers have recently opened in Dubai, boosting demand for international staff.

Many available positions in the field include teachers, teaching assistants, professors and research staff, and more. These jobs can be found in educational institutions in Dubai Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village. You can reach these institutions by using our company research guide.

Another great way to find a teaching and education job in Dubai is to scour Dubai job sites and recruitment agencies. It’s a tough task, but I have tried my best to make it as easy for you as possible.

Each site below has already been filtered to take you directly to teaching and education jobs located in Dubai.

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