Medical and Health Care Jobs in Dubai

Medical and Healthcare Jobs in Dubai

Dubai Health Care Sector is Growing at an Exceptional Rate

The opportunities for work in this industry are quite diverse, with highest paid occupations including physicians and surgeons, dentists, registered nurses, and physical therapists. These positions require university education, most often post-graduate degrees, and a specialization in a particular field. Other occupational opportunities include professionals and technical staff that provide support services related to medical records and information processing. Some occupations, such as nursing aids, janitors, medical and dental assistants, are support service providers with limited to no specialized training.

Many of these jobs and organizations are located in Dubai Healthcare City. You can reach these companies directly by using our company research guide.

Another great way to find a medical and healthcare jobs in Dubai is to scour Dubai job sites and recruitment agencies. It’s a tough task, but I have tried my best to make it as easy for you as possible.

Each site below has already been filtered to take you directly to medical and healthcare jobs located in Dubai.

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