UK broadcaster ITN to open Dubai office

The announcement that ITN, the UK news broadcaster, is to open an ITV office in Dubai is excellent news for the fast growing media and PR industry in the city and the rest of the UAE. With recent investment in the advertising industry in the region the presence of a worldwide renowned broadcaster will add to the cache that Dubai already carries in the media world.

With the intention of covering news from the Middle East, the Indian regions and Africa the new office will be a major centre for news in the region, and according to reports in UK newspapers is set to be run by John Irvine, newly appointed as ITN’s International Correspondent.

In an interesting contrast to the opening of the Dubai office it was also reported that ITN would be shutting the outlet in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the understanding that its operations would be covered by the new Dubai bureau.

Explaining the intentions and advantages of the location, Jonathon Munro, deputy editor for ITN news, told the UK Guardian newspaper:

“The strategic decision to open the Dubai bureau will improve our longer-term newsgathering and ability to get teams on the ground for breaking stories in a wide area from Pakistan to Southern Africa.”

The first new ITN overseas bureau since it opened a similar office in China in 2006, the choice of Dubai highlights the city’s perfect location and adds to the potential increase in opportunities for those looking for employment in the media and PR world in the region.

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