Dubai economy revival sees management opportunities rising

As Dubai undergoes a transformation from a minor player to a major force in the business world the need for good managers in all areas is constant. Management is something that has been handled in decidedly Middle Eastern terms in the region, but with the increase of Western style business – and the influx of western businesses into the region – the tide is turning and the prospects for managers looking for openings in Dubai are on the rise.

With excellent working practices and guarantees of excellent salaries this is a country that has always attracted the cream of the crop, yet these days the competition is even higher. To prove your worth in the Dubai job market you need a certain amount of proven success and a reputation that carries before you.

As Dubai is central to the growth of business in the UAE it is something of a hub for managers in many areas of business. Construction is a major business in the region and the banking and finance world holds great influence and shows great growth with many banks from foreign countries opening branches in the city, while the worldwide reliance on IT and telecommunications means there is much scope for growth in these areas.

With such rapid movement in employment in the region as we are seeing at the moment it is vital that good managers keep a constant eye on changes in the market, and with teaching positions to add to the popular industries mentioned above there are plenty of options.

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