Canadian Specialist Hospital says medical tourism on the rise in UAE

The healthcare industry in the UAE and Dubai is one that operates to a high standard, and the latest figures regarding medical tourism – people coming to the region to be treated – confirms the high regard that the hospitals in the region are held in.

With top class modern machinery and attention to detail in working practices that are second to none there is little surprise that the quality of service is high, yet a figure of over four million people visiting the region to take advantage of the facilities is a colossal amount.

Jobs in the healthcare industry are on the rise directly as a result of the growing interest in the industry, and these figures – official announcements from the UAE government – hold great promise for prospects in the region in coming years.

In the Middle East there is on bigger player in the medical tourism market than the UAE and the value of the industry is some $1.7bn, a major contribution to the income of the region.

One hospital that offers such services, the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Deira, fields some 1500 US patients every month, and Chairman of the hospital Mohammed Rashid Al Falasi explained:

“Treatment rates in the UAE are lower than overseas hospitals. We have hospitals, such as the CSH, offering ultra-high standards of medical services that reflect the development of medicine in the UAE, as well as the world’s simplest and most positive healthcare regulations [in the UAE] when it comes to dealing with patients from all over the world.”

The health industry is a major employer of foreign nationals and growth is expected to be rapid.

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