UAE Liberalizing the Telecommunication Sectors is Great News for Job Seekers

It looks like the UAE will be giving the green light to give customers the choice of telecommunications providers soon, which is great news for consumers. The days of poor customer service will be in the past, as companies will now have to compete for their clientele instead of being assigned them based on addresses. While this is just what the people have wanted, these changes are going to put significant stress on the leaders in the telecommunications sector.

Telecommunications companies are going to have to work overtime to fix the problems of the past if they want to earn and keep customers. This means a major overhaul of the customer service and marketing aspects of their businesses- great news for those seeking jobs in telecommunications in the region.

The April 2010 Job Index Survey noted that 56% of UAE employers had plans to hire in the upcoming quarters, and the majority of those openings would be in telecommunications. It is easy to see why this sector has such projected growth, as telecommunication companies will be competing for not only customers, but also top caliber talent that can help grow the business success through these drastic changes.

One would assume a vast majority of these positions will be filled by workers from areas where this sector has been highly competitive for some time, such as Europe and America. At the very least, UAE’s telecommunications companies can learn a thing or two about how to, and how not to, provide top notch service from looking at companies from these areas.

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