Solar Engineers in Demand in Dubai

For engineers that have a passion for solar energy, Dubai is the place to be. MBM Holdings just announced their new branch, MBM Solar Holding, Inc., which will be responsible for the construction and design of a 2500MT/a solar polysilicon plant. This $400 million project is expected to be producing 2,500 tons of high quality solar-grade polysilicon product by early 2012.

The chairman of MBM believes this will be the anchor facility that will support a wealth of private sector developments centered around solar energy.  The Dubai government has had a focus on finding ways to diversify the economy, and was leaning heavily on the idea that renewable energy would be at the forefront of this diversification. The amount of jobs that are expected to be created as a result of this project is exactly what the Dubai economy needs.

MBM Solar Holding, Inc. is looking for the right location to begin construction, but with plans to have the project fully built and operational in less than two years time means that they will be breaking ground immediately upon securing a location. This solar polysilicon plant project will inevitably require the acquisition of some of the world’s top solar engineers. Long after the MBM Solar Holdings, Inc. plant is complete and operational, the continued demand for solar engineers is going to be difficult to fulfill from within Dubai’s borders. The private sector growth that will follow this plants construction will create a wealth of opportunity for anyone that has the necessary engineering skills and education to keep up with the fast paced growth the engineering sector will see.

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