17 New Hospitals to Open in Dubai in 2010

While all sectors are reporting forward movement in regards to construction and new business ventures, none have the amount of growth that is expected in healthcare this year. Hospital projects are one of the few types of construction that are not affected by the financial crisis, and there is no sign of the growth of healthcare in Dubai slowing down.

It was recently reported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry that over 17 new hospitals will be built in 2010. This will create 2,325 beds that are currently unavailable in Dubai hospitals. Needless to say, the amount of doctors, nurses and medical assistants that will be needed to fill these positions is more than Dubai’s medical sector can provide on its own.

However, this is not a one-time recruitment effort that will be underway in the upcoming months. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry also reported that they expect the demand to for hospital services to explode in growth by 2025, when they suggest an additional 165,000 beds will be needed. Healthcare costs are estimated to reach $60 billion USD by 2025.

The major driving factor behind this extreme expansion of healthcare in Dubai is largely due to the increasing numbers of people with Type 2 Diabetes and obesity related health concerns throughout the region. Medical professionals with experience in these areas of medicine in particular can expect high salary compensation for their experience and educational efforts. The need for expatriates with health care backgrounds will likely never be as high as it will be over the next few years, so it is highly recommended anyone from the western countries interested in relocating to Dubai make contact with recruiters now to get in on the ground floor opportunities that are available.

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