Salaries in Dubai – How To Predict Your Dubai Salary

One of the most asked questions I face is: how much am I going to be paid in Dubai? Even though the answer can vary greatly, you can still actually come up with a reasonable approximation of how much you are going to be paid in Dubai by following the methods that are outlined here.

To plan your life in Dubai safely and accurately, you need to align your expectations with reality. That’s why you need accurate approximation of your salary. To get that, you’re going to have to do some research of your own.

You can do your Dubai salary research online or offline or both. I will provide you with the information you need and will tell you about the benefits of each, and it is up to you to choose.

Question: what can you do online to find out your expected Dubai salary?


  1. Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies
  2. Check out Dubai job sites
  3. Use Dubai salary calculators
  4. Read Bayt’s salary survey reports

I will take you through each one of the bulletpoints above…So let’s start…

Online Investigation

Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies

There are dozens of recruitment agencies in Dubai. However, only a few of them have fully maintained and up to date websites that provide salary information. Here are the three recruitment agencies that have listings I recommend you check for salaries:

  1. Jobtrack Middle East –
  2. BAC Middle East –
  3. Nadia Middle East –

For more, check out the the recruitment agency listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Even though the websites above don’t have the most user-friendly design and navigation, they do have rich listings that may give you valuable insight into Dubai salaries. Be aware, however, that some of these salaries are inflated to attract applicants or intended for IDEAL candidates.

Check out Dubai job sites

Another or additional way to measure your expected Dubai salary is to check out the listings on Dubai job sites. Some employers indicate a salary range in their job postings.

Just like with recruitment agencies, there are dozens of job sites in Dubai. Here are two that you can start with:

  1. –
  2. NaukriGulf –

For more, check out the the job sites listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Do a search for your desired position on those sites, and see if there are postings that indicate a salary range.

Use Dubai salary calculators

A third way to investigate your expected Dubai salary online is to use Dubai salary calculators (which are based on salary surveys).

The seemingly most comprehensive salary calculator for Dubai and the one that I would recommend is PayScale’s.

Offline Investigation

There are several reasons why you might want to do offline salary research, such as:

  1. All of the above online methods didn’t provide enough information for your specific case
  2. You want to confirm your online findings
  3. The online research may take longer than this quick offline investigation

By offline investigation, what I really mean is that you call up a recruitment agency, tell them about your skills and experience, and ask them about the average salary for a profile like yours. It’s easy, quick and effective! I have done it a couple of times.

The most friendly recruitment agency I dealt with is IQ Selection. I recommend that you call them first. Their phone number is: +971 4 329 7770. Make sure that you ask for the recruiter who specializes in your specific industry.

As always, confirm your answers by calling a few other recruitment agents. You can find their phone numbers in my recruitment agencies list.

Now this kind of salary research should be enough to give you a pretty good idea of what you should expect to be paid in Dubai, so that you can plan safely and accurately!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. Mohammad Rasel says:

    Dear Sir
    My name is Mohammad Rasel, i am mailing my cv to you
    kindly look it and let me know what job is suitable
    for me accocding to my cv.

    thanks and regards

  2. rudresh tiwari says:

    I’m a student in India studying Town Planning Engineering in the School of Planning and Architecture: Vijayawada, Estd.2008 by MHRD (Govt. of India) pursuing 3rd year.
    I would really love to get a summer internship for next year (2012) in town planning in Dubai and was wondering if any of you guys know how I go about doing this.
    Dubai design etc. fascinates me and it would be great to see hands on experience and be able to make a good decision for my future after getting.
    i want paid internship in dubai ma interest is on HOUSING project (site planning), AREA DEVELOPMENT PLAN please inform me ma dream city is dubai…

  3. hello
    i just graduated in mechanical engineering.i have an 8 months mechanical engineer job.could you please estimate how much would i get paid in dubai

  4. I’m from Pune done Masters in HR. Currently working as Corporate Head HR in India. Wish to know what would be the salary bracket in Dubai if I would like to try by this year end or beginning of next year. I would like to move along with my family i.e. 2 kids and husband.

  5. Hi there,
    I M from czech republic and I would like to ask if I can get some job in Dubai. I M 32 and I was working in England and Ireland as forklift driver. And I allso want to ask about the salary what i can see on the jobs on the websites is it monthly salary?
    Thaks for answer

  6. Hi.
    I’m from Malaysia do you anything s
    uggested job for me nails beautiy.
    I’m girl …Thks

  7. asalam u alakum
    i am searching a good job in it field.i have master in it.fields are web design,networking,visual basic, software engineering.i have done master in please sugest any good job and company

  8. navaid samad says:

    i have an experience of major bulk procurement,supply chain management for 6years,3years in qatar & rest in pakistan,this is my 3rd month in UAE Al ain,currently i was hired in an contracting firm as an corrdinator procurement,Ive completed my BBA honors n just waiting for my MBA final results. i have done many ERP skill related courses.I am a PMP certified from Qatar in session 2009,im getting paid 5000AEd / month,can anyone gave me an idea what should be my salary accordingly??as it will b helpful for me indeed to have an idea thank you

  9. Hi TP,

    I have been searching around to get some idea about a Logistics Manager’s salary in UAE.
    I have an Msc in Logistics as well as an MBA from one of the top Australian universities. I have also worked in Logistics/Supply Chain area since 2003 and currently working. could you please point me towards the direction of where i can find the salary range currently being offered in UAE market?
    What kind of local supply chain related certifications are appreciated in UAE?

    Thanks mate,

  10. sir,
    iam a muslim indian girl MBA HR with FINANCE graduate hav 6 months work experience in a job consultancy and hubby working in dubai , now am searching for a job in dubai…plz give me the details about salary, my career and all…….can i apply for govt jobs? plz reply me


  11. 1 year experience west africa and 5 years india total (7 years experience — accounts and finance field ) is quite good one. I believe you can find a job easily but the question is what salary, when you are new in a place like Dubai you always get as worse as possible, but definitely you can get one.
    for job indian company

  12. Hi
    I am an IT professional working in Wipro in India since 3 years. I am an Mtech in mechanical field and got through campus interview in wipro. Now i am planning to search a job in dubai. My wife is working in dubai since 4 years. What is the right method to find a job?In which field should i go for in Dubai IT or Mechanical Engineer. What salary should i expect to get?
    Thx & Regards

  13. Hi. I’m Alhassan from Ghana. i was wondering if you could hook me up with any recruitment company that need a security guard. or any constructions company that need a worker… thanks. here is my email and number. +233-249332476. I hope to hear from you soon..

  14. Hi,

    I am an Omani citizen, but I’ve been living in Australia for the past 9 years. I have graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Construction Management & Economics from the University of South Australia…

    I’m currently working full-time for the Building Advisory Service here in Australia…It’s a good job but I’m looking for a project/construction management job? I’ve been looking for a graduate job (or traineeship program) in Dubai and Qatar with no luck… can you please advise me on where to apply for such a position? also how much do fresh graduates earn??

    Thanks alot, love the website btw :)

  15. Hello Dear,

    i am Supervisor in 3rd largest bank of Pakistan with 6 years experience in Consumer Operations. i have done my MBA (banking & Finance) in 2009. now i am trying to move Dubai for better future. can you please suggest me Salary.

  16. Hello,

    I have two offers one from Dubai and another for Doha(qatar), 6.5 yrs of work experience the salary provided is same for both the location 10K(all included). I earn around 45k in india.

    Please can some one suggest whihc one to choose and 10k is a good salary for a bachlor?


  17. Hi all.
    Its a CMA(ICMA QUAILFIED) from Pakistan having a post qualification exp of more than 10 yrs at Senior Managerial positions , Currently working as GM Finance in Pak.

    I am planning to go to Dubai for a month for suitable job searching. Can any one tell me any authentic Web site, or ph# of recruiters who may take some charges but after confirmation of job.
    pls reply me at

  18. i m pursuing diploma in mechanical engg.
    what will be salary in gulf? After complete the diploma.

  19. IMAM WARIS says:

    what is the minimum age to get job in gulf for diploma holder in mechanical engg.

  20. Hi there good day!

    Thank you so much guys for answering all the questions. But i hope theres somebody cared also about mine. I just wanna ask if somebody can give me an employer there in Dubai? I am planning also to move this coming March 2012..I am a civil engr. 30F/S yrs.old& working as a project coordinator but unfortunately my work related on mechanical for almost 2-3yrs and my contract ended til feb.2012. I have one website knows but they are asking for the fees so that they will forwarded my CV to the employers? It is right that they are asking fee’s w/o any values? just to forward my CV but i dont know either if it’s really real.. Hoping you’ll response Thank you again & have a nice day to all..

  21. Hi, before I begin, thanks for putting together such a great site.

    I’m a 22 year old Dutch National (English speaking) with a proven track record as in the management of high end cocktail bars. I’m currently applying for jobs in the Gulf Region and was wondering what kind of salary/month and benefits I can expect to be offered. Most recruiters and employers remain fairly ambiguous on their web pages. Thanks.

  22. tarik i’m from morroco i have 21 years old can’t you help me please for get job in dubai in a hotel or restaurant as waiter i have 3 years experiences and deploma in managament hotels speciality in restauration

  23. Hammad khan says:

    this is my final exam of ACCA and i want to apply for articleship in dubai…but i don`t know that what will be the process and how i will be selected in firm…..plz consult me…

  24. Hello Sir,
    I am certified SAP Consultant with 4 years of Experience in ABAP and BI,
    having full End to End Implementation experience,
    how much I can expect in Dubai,Currently located in India.

    Kiran KL

  25. which is best field for diploma holder in mechanical engineer for get job in gulf?

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  27. hi.. Im doing my engineering in india… And now i decided to do my m b a in dubhai and then to work there as part time till i finish my studies and to start working fully after i finish…. What might be the work i could get for part time and the salary for that..? And after a marketing job and the salary too… Please tell me.. Help me for my future

  28. Hi i have got a offer from a bank in dubai for a salary of 5k aed can you please tell me is it k to accept the offer

  29. Hi,

    Can You please tell me what’s are average salary in spa world? Either in management or spa therapist?
    I have experience in both.
    Btw I’m from Europe,because as I can see it is important there from where are u coming from.
    Thank You,

  30. Hi…

    Good Morning Sir,
    i have 3 years exp on system administrator in networking side…
    how much i get the salary for month in dubai…
    can u tell me sir,

  31. Sir,

    I got the offer letter for Marketing Manager for IT Product from Dubai based company they have offered 10,000/- DXB without any Car or Home, is it OK as per Dubai’s Cost of Living??? Presently I am in Muscat they have given me all facility like – Home, Car, electricity and all other necessary requirement so should I move to Dubai or not?

  32. Offered a job paying 30,000 AED/month without housing/car stipend. I have a family of 4 [myself, wife and two small children]. Wanted to know if I would be able to afford 2 cars, nice housing and school for both children on this salary?

  33. Gulzar Ali says:

    In 2008 I was working in Sharjah but in emergency I came India and unfortunately never returned Dubai. My visa was not cancelled from my end nor I’m aware what action my employer took against me. so please guide me how I can get confirmation regarding my ban cause now I’ interested to go back to Dubai.

  34. Dear,

    Am Jagz from india

    I have 7+ years of experience in BPO’s & Call Center in operations & People Management. Now Looking for Job in Dubai

    Could you please estimate how much would I get paid in Dubai?

  35. SHAIKH ABDULLA says:

    i have passeded MBA (finance and HR) and M com(finance)and 6months Indian experience what is its opening salary range in UAE?

  36. hii
    i want to kow about salary in dubai for civil engg. & project manager

  37. HELLO sIR,



    Dear Sir,
    I have done MBA IN TOURISM ADMINISTRATION, from indore university ,India, but i dont have much experience in this field,can you suggest some views from your side ,so that i can get highest paid job in dubai of high post in my field or in hotrl industry

  39. sai krishna says:

    what is the basic salary for completeds?

  40. taiyyab naushad says:

    now i am student and i am serching a job for manager ,i am completed my form kiit collage in bhubneswar in india and i am searching a job for manager,… mob no 09556748142.

  41. malik s khan says:

    hi there ,
    my name is malik I am originally from Pakistan living in Ireland from 5 years.I have 5 years experience in Irish Security Industry , 4 years in construction sites and 1 year in Door supervisor in shopping mall, I have Private Security Authority licence and SAFE PASS Registration Card for Construction sites.I am interested in finding job in Dubai. will you please assist me to find security job in Dubai.

    kind Regards

  42. i have been offered by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority as a senior control room engineer with the salary package of 10000 Dirhams ( Basic + Transport + Housing and Food ).

    Can any one advice me wheatehr the package is reasonable or not.

    Thanks & Regards

  43. Syed Danish says:


    Well its an excellent effort which should be appreciated.I am a 30 years old guy looking for a job in Showroom Sales of Construction finishing items & Automobiles.Have an experience of 6 years in the relevent field with an MBA degree.Looking desperately to move to Dubai.Need your feed back.Is it physible to visit Dubai for job purpose if yes than how much salary should be expected.Do I need to contact job websites for the purpose or dropping CV in the market would do? Regards, Syed Danish.

  44. Dear sir,

    I am working with a private company as a waiter from last oct 2010 in face i get a job in a new company and my new salary is 5000 dhs + … so can i change my job with out any ban , only cancelling visa from current company. Hope to get your kindly response. Thanking you

  45. Nir Kr. Rai says:

    Hi guys,
    I am an Automation Engineer from Nepal and just applied for a job in Dubai, they even interviewed me and looks like they are happy to accept me as a trainee for the start in some Hydraulics company for Oil Industries. Since, I am trying for the first time in the Gulf countries and beside that, the recruitment agency didn’t even advertise it and I had no idea that there were having an interview the same day. As I was just wondering and went to ask if they have any vacancies but instead they took me directly for the interview and all I had was my CV with me. Well what really surprised me was that, the man that came from Dubai said its a life time opportunities and he have to spent 10000 USD for the training only which is going to take few months and they will provide me with a flat, fooding and transportation but the basic salary is just too low and that is where i got stuck. The recruitment agency says that its really a good offer but I doubt it. so guys, if you could help or suggest me anything with this i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  46. Hi Sir,
    i have 3+exp in networking..
    how much i expect the salary in dubai…
    i know ccna…

  47. Thank you for this very helpful website!

    Could you please let me know whether the salary (see below) given in an offer online for a job in Dubai means the 70000 to 100000 us dollars + other benefits or only the 70000 to 100000 us dollars per year. I also assume this is a net salary, since there is no incom tax for Dubai residents, right?

    “Salary: US$70000 – US$100000 per annum Benefits”

  48. I work with american express US customer service in New Delhi India, I have a international business PG degree with a management graduation. I have also worked for british Telecom, total work experience is arround 4 years. Kindly let me know what kind of salary and opprortunity I can get in UAE



  49. p. feroz khan says:

    as sala mu ali kum bhai,

    Bhai iam working as a business development manager in a pharmaceuticals company since 7 years and iam looking for the job in dubai.
    bhai my question is that how to get a free job visa of dubai. Which are the reliable agencies to approach either in india or in dubai? please do suggest me.

  50. Hi Im a software engineer with an experience of nearly 3 years in the field of BFSI sector. I have been working in financial institutions and looking forward to work in Gulf . what should be the channel and what should be the optimum salary. Im married.