Salaries in Dubai – How To Predict Your Dubai Salary

One of the most asked questions I face is: how much am I going to be paid in Dubai? Even though the answer can vary greatly, you can still actually come up with a reasonable approximation of how much you are going to be paid in Dubai by following the methods that are outlined here.

To plan your life in Dubai safely and accurately, you need to align your expectations with reality. That’s why you need accurate approximation of your salary. To get that, you’re going to have to do some research of your own.

You can do your Dubai salary research online or offline or both. I will provide you with the information you need and will tell you about the benefits of each, and it is up to you to choose.

Question: what can you do online to find out your expected Dubai salary?


  1. Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies
  2. Check out Dubai job sites
  3. Use Dubai salary calculators
  4. Read Bayt’s salary survey reports

I will take you through each one of the bulletpoints above…So let’s start…

Online Investigation

Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies

There are dozens of recruitment agencies in Dubai. However, only a few of them have fully maintained and up to date websites that provide salary information. Here are the three recruitment agencies that have listings I recommend you check for salaries:

  1. Jobtrack Middle East –
  2. BAC Middle East –
  3. Nadia Middle East –

For more, check out the the recruitment agency listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Even though the websites above don’t have the most user-friendly design and navigation, they do have rich listings that may give you valuable insight into Dubai salaries. Be aware, however, that some of these salaries are inflated to attract applicants or intended for IDEAL candidates.

Check out Dubai job sites

Another or additional way to measure your expected Dubai salary is to check out the listings on Dubai job sites. Some employers indicate a salary range in their job postings.

Just like with recruitment agencies, there are dozens of job sites in Dubai. Here are two that you can start with:

  1. –
  2. NaukriGulf –

For more, check out the the job sites listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Do a search for your desired position on those sites, and see if there are postings that indicate a salary range.

Use Dubai salary calculators

A third way to investigate your expected Dubai salary online is to use Dubai salary calculators (which are based on salary surveys).

The seemingly most comprehensive salary calculator for Dubai and the one that I would recommend is PayScale’s.

Offline Investigation

There are several reasons why you might want to do offline salary research, such as:

  1. All of the above online methods didn’t provide enough information for your specific case
  2. You want to confirm your online findings
  3. The online research may take longer than this quick offline investigation

By offline investigation, what I really mean is that you call up a recruitment agency, tell them about your skills and experience, and ask them about the average salary for a profile like yours. It’s easy, quick and effective! I have done it a couple of times.

The most friendly recruitment agency I dealt with is IQ Selection. I recommend that you call them first. Their phone number is: +971 4 329 7770. Make sure that you ask for the recruiter who specializes in your specific industry.

As always, confirm your answers by calling a few other recruitment agents. You can find their phone numbers in my recruitment agencies list.

Now this kind of salary research should be enough to give you a pretty good idea of what you should expect to be paid in Dubai, so that you can plan safely and accurately!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. Hi,
    I am working in a telecom firm as engineer. Have 8 yrs experience in various technologies. Kindly give me information about the salary range for such jobs in Dubai.

  2. Pariniyojit says:


    Recently i got a job in sales and marketing in a AC company in Dubai, they are offering me 3000 Dirham/Month+ free Accomodation+ Transportation+ Medical Allounance . i have to pay for the food only. Iam from INDIA and recently i have completed my Masters Degree in Software Engineering. Plz help me is this salary is enough for me in the starting? Iam a fresher with no experience at all.

  3. ello, I am from India and I have done PGDBM and MBA from London.I also have a five to six years experiance. Could you suggest me what is probability of job in dubai and salary.

  4. Let me know what salry we can expect if company is providing accomodation a Dubai???
    Pl reply on

  5. Sairam Santhanam.S says:


    i am a fresher from India , who finished my engineering in computer science…is it possible to get a job as a fresher in uae?? as my entire family resides there….i need to join them and get settle sooner..

  6. 1. i m recently completed MBA in Finance .
    MBA finance with tally 6mnths exp how much i expect salary in UAE.
    any feature with tally in UAE.

    2. I hv Diplomas in MCSE,DCH(diploma in computer hardware),
    Graduation in BSC computer science.

    Comparing both qualification which one is beter feature.

  7. hai ,i am from india, completed MA English literature and no B.ed.I also have a 1 year work dubai as a graphic designer.can u suggest me,which is the best field to apply job of good salary pls.

  8. Hi,

    I have an engineering degree and about 13 yearsin the software industry. I am looking for a suitable opportunity in Sharjah/Dubai. What are the chances of landing a good software job?

    Best regards,

  9. I have done post graduation and CA Inter from India and I am having 6 years of Total Experience in Auditing including article ship.Will you please let me know what amount I can fetch as salary ?

  10. hi this is vijay here i have completed my MBA and have 3 yrs exp . i got a offer in dubai for retail chain outlet as ACCOUNTANT with salary of 3,500 AED +FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION . Is it a good salary or not over there

  11. malik shahzad says:

    hi i m ladez sitchgn fashan pakistan

  12. if i got the qualifications(license) and passport can i get a aircraft engineering job?
    what are the other requests?

  13. Hi,

    I am a SAP FICO consultant with 5 +yrs of exp and currently earning 300 US $ /day . I have an oppurtunity in Dubai from SAP where they are providing with housing allowance, car allowance,etc.
    Could please anyone guide me how much a package as in annual I should ask for.
    Please reply as its urgent.

  14. Information what you shared has given a it relief coming out of the confusion to keep my target as Dubai.
    But currently I am working in India with having 3.8 years of experience and looking to move Dubai because of reasons.. could anyone of you please provide me the information about process need to follow before starting Job search in Dubai..Thanks in advance

  15. hello, i recently finshed MBa from university of wales Uk and i am looking forward to work in dubai. i am a freshers. could you please tell me how much are the chances for getting a good job in dubai. thank you very much

  16. i completed in computerscience with an aggregate of 63 percent i wan job in it field but am fresher

  17. Hi ,greetings
    First i must say that this site is extremely helpful ,thanks for that .I am from India , had my post graduation in English language in india .Will somebody please tell me the Future of English lan. teacher in dubai ,salary ,jobs profile & eligibility . Dont forget to tell me the safe process of selection ,recuirnment and how to contact them ? thanks

  18. Balaji Pattem says:

    Information what you shared is very help full to coming out of the confusion and to keep my target as getting job in Dubai.
    Currently I am working in India with having 3.8 years of experience and looking for a job in Dubai.. could anyone of you please provide me the information about process need to follow before starting Job search in Dubai..Thanks in advance

  19. md forhad hossain says:

    I am from Bangladesh and i am a HND(higher national diploma) in accounting graduate from edexcel,uk so i want to a accounting job in Dubai. If any employer need me than please call me.

  20. Hi,sir currently i am studying B.Sc(computer science) from tamil nadu i want job in any one but my family very poor please any one person help for me sir, plz help my life, pleae sir i want job, after 3 mont i have finished my study and i am fresher candidate.plz sir my family very poor family, plz contact my email

    thank u sir

    yours truely

  21. sadia aleem says:

    i have master degree in english literature and in education from i am doing post graduate diploma frm uk.i have 7 years experience of teaching in pakistan in government and private husband is also a grduate in sociology.we have 2 husband and kids are in pakistan.i want an attractive job for me to get settle in dubai.will you guide me plez.

  22. hi ,
    i got my first question unanswered ,so i m asking 2nd time .I am post graduate in English language from India .I have been a private tutor for the same for 1 year ,i want to know about the status of English teacher in dubai ,about their salaries ,wages etc .i dont hold any TESL or AST certificate yet ,do i need to get them ? or What is the basic requirement /eligibility to teach in Dubai ,UAE ? PLZ guide me ………….

  23. hi,
    great site, has been very helpful.

    I wanted to know whats the chances of getting a job as a teacher in dubai. I will be graduating in July 2011 gaining a BSc in biomedical science from university of east london.
    I dont have much experience with working with kids, apart from voluntary work few days a week.
    What is the salary like for a teacher and what would be the best way to appraoch this.

    Many thanks

  24. azeem shahzad says:

    I am muslim pakistani, have done masters in economics n finance in 2006. i would like to apply for o-level economics teacher as i have 1+ experience. what would b my salary package specially in dubai n abu dhabi.

  25. Muhammad Azeem Manawer says:

    Hi! i am Azeem Manwer n i want to do somekind of job in dubai kindly can u help me.

  26. Hello,
    i have done MBA in Banking & Finance and work in a private firm as a export Assistant here in Pakistan. Now i want settled in Dubai and got a job in Dubai. Can i got a job in Dubai and how much i can earn.(Experience 2 Years)

    Thanks in Advance

  27. I Wait for you reply experits

  28. hello ,greetings
    its amazing site ,extremely helpful ,full of information .
    ok i am vishal ,from pune ,India .i did my MA in english .i heard lot about the opportunities for English teacher in middle east,dubai is that so ?????? I started studying these dubai related sites since my 1st year of MA .BUT they always talk about native speakers and TEFL .TESL courses for jobs .and the west have already so many Established recruitment firms for only teachers .Cant i have any firm in India for teachers ? i am a fresher ,do they have future in dubai ?If yes then please inform me .it will be a release of my confused mind really ………….

  29. Hi All,

    I am 3 years experienced IT engineer, currently working as software Engineer in INDIA.

    Can anyone tell me that 12,000AED + Medical Card + Annual Ticket + 1 month Paid Vacation is sufficient and correct for me?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi

    I have 4+ years exp in engineering field and given a interview for dubai. I am bachelor i ask for 10000 aed per month they offer me 6000 aed every thing is included in this…what should i do, if i have to negotiate how much should i ask.

  31. Amin Dada says:

    Thanks for such useful info. I am from Africa, but Have a masters in Education in Finland as well as work experince. (Europe) what are my chances to get a teaching job in the UAE, or neighbouring countries? h

  32. Wonderful piece of information ! You have summed up everything….its extremely helpful and I sure will use them in my job search.

  33. Hello there,

    I am a Canadian citizen, licensed professional electrical engineer with 5 years experience in big name companies. My family is of two of us and our family take-in income is 6k CAD. What type of salary package I can expect in UAE? How much salary or package I should consider if I want to move to UAE?

    I would highly appreciate your inputs.

    Best regards,


  34. Hello,

    I have almost 7 year of work experiece in finance and accounts with computer skills on SAP. I have been applying from past 4 to 5 months but i am not getting a quality responses, when i say quality response the pay they offer is very less. Please would you advice how much can i expect the salary and appriciated if you could suggest me some of the contacts whom i can contact for the opportunities.

  35. Hi,

    I have total experience of around 7 year in customer service/Service desk/ IT operation ….my qualification is BCA + ITIL + 6 sigma yellow belt…..i have an offer of service desk consultant , location qatar… much would be the approximate salary package for this position.

    Harnek Singh

  36. What is the salary range for qualified, experienced Asians candidates for the post of Internal Auditor?

  37. Hello People!
    It seems you know everything !! :)))))
    I am Senior Cad Drafter with engineering background in past, attractive woman 50 years old from New Zealand.
    Do I have any chances to find a job with $5000 USD per month?

  38. Hi

    I am a doctor from India…Done my internship and 1 yr post graduate diploma degree..Is there a specific Licensing exam to work as a doctor in Abu Dhabi? How is the job market for Health Care Industry there?thanks…

  39. Hi,

    This is Abhishek from India. I would like to thank you for the impressive info.

    I work with a recruitment agency in Bangalore and have one yr experience, India and want to move to Dubai on a visiting visa.

    What are the chances of me getting a job there as an IT Recruiter in a comrporate/Consultancies.

    Awaited reply.

  40. zaki imam says:

    i have passed diploma in mechanical engg. With 68% now i working in India as superviser in pipeline what will be salary in Dubai with experience is 2 years

  41. HI My name is Thomas an undergraduate with 15 yrs exp in car sales and working currently as Sales trainer.Can anybody suggest me the scope of job for me in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and kind of salary i will get ?

    thanks & regards


  42. Dilip Gyawali says:

    Dear Team

    Looking for your Help
    I am working In Logistics Company(DHL) In dubai since 2008 I am getting 5500AED Salary in my company so I am looking for bring my wife in dubai with Family visa is it possible with my salary so Also looking for job her where we can get the job . Her QLYF is Community Medical Assistance(CMA) she has an Experience around 4 years in Nepal in Hospital so how much Salary she should Expected which website to go to get the Job for her what is the procuder to get the job in hospital line pls advise me very Urgent my mail id is

  43. i hv 21yrs experience in refrigeration and airconditioning job,i am working i africa.if i look for a job in dubai how much i can expect?,r they paying in dollar?can i get family status

  44. I am a 3rd year undergraduate engineering student pursuing B.Tech. in the Indian Institute Of Technology ,Patna (IIT Patna) in Electrical Engineering . I am seeking highly paid jobs in dubai in my field in near future .
    Please tell me the job opportunity and expected salary.

  45. P.Surendran says:

    Finishing MBA and One year experience in Office and Administration much salary get in dubai?



  47. SYED HUSSAIN says:


    Its MUJTABA HUSSAIN from Pakistan having MBA degree from UK plus having 6 years extensive experience in the retail industry, particularly worked within business development positions and customer services. As an experienced uk management professional, I would like to work in UAE and would like to utilize my earlier experience and skills there do you think i can find a decent job in UAE.

  48. Hello
    seeking nice jobs in seeb area in oman .I am from Bangladesh and english is enough write,read and speak and better handle idea internet .Doing online jobs and business and blog site is please visit my site.
    Thank u
    email me

  49. Currently I’m working as Asst. Manager Logistics for a retail group in the middle east. I did my MBA and a specialization in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from a premier business school in India. I’ve got nearly 11 years of experience. Any idea about the job prospect in Dubai and salary package offered?

  50. Hello

    Is anyone able to tell me what is the monthly salary for a medical laboratory scientist specialising in microbiology is? I am from new zealand and have 7yrs work experience with 1yr in the UK.