Employees name top perks of working in Dubai


There are many benefits of working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to employees who have named the top five perks of having a job in the country.

According to a survey by Select Property, Employees in Dubai say having a family-friendly workplace is the top perk of working in the country.

The second most popular reason to work in the UAE is its expat package, which includes medical insurance and annual plane tickets for themselves and family.

The last three benefits employees value when working in the UAE are commissions and bonuses on top of their salary, housing allowance and children’s school fees.

As you can see, these perks are all good reasons for you to move to Dubai.

Careers Fairs are Alive and Kicking! 4,000 jobs at Careers Fair Next Week


The subject of Careers Fair should be firmly back on the agenda of Dubai and UAE Emirati. Why? Because according to a report in AMEInfo.com, the UAE energy and oil & gas sectors are preparing to recruit 2,000 people at the country’s leading recruitment fair next week.

Over 4,000 jobs available to Emirati at the careers fair

So, Dubai professionals who are looking for a job should get themselves down to The Tawdheef Recruitment Show which is taking place week from 29-31 January at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Reports suggests that over 2,000 jobs will be available from 12 energy and oil & gas companies attending the careers fair.  Most of these jobs will be offered be offered by Al Mansoori Specialised Engineering, which is offering  1,000 jobs across 75 roles, ranging from HSE Coordinators to Senior Engineers.Continue Reading »

2000 Oil and Gas Jobs to Be Made Available Next Week


According to a report in AMEInfo.com, the UAE energy and oil & gas sectors are stepping up their 2013 Emiratisation efforts, as a score of major organisations prepare to sieve through thousands of Emirati job candidates at the country’s leading recruitment fair next week.

The Tawdheef Recruitment Show takes place from 29-31 January at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), with more than 2,000 jobs expected to be up for grabs from 12 energy and oil & gas organisations participating at the show.

The majority of these will be offered by Al Mansoori Specialised Engineering, which has listed 1,000 jobs on the recruitment fair’s website, tawdheef.ae, across 75 positions, ranging from HSE Coordinators to Senior Engineers.

Tawdheef is open from 10am-7pm daily, with the morning of 30 January from 10am – 1pm reserved for Emirati ladies only. Entrance is restricted to UAE national job seekers from 10am – 4pm, while all other nationalities can attend from 4 pm onwards. Pre-registration is mandatory for non Emiratis and is available online at tawdheef.ae.

Emirati women employees in demand in the private sector


Study shows Emirati women employees are hard working and keen to prove their skills

According to a report in Gulfnews.com, Emirati women employees are in high demand in the private sector because they are hard working and always keen to prove their potential, according to a study by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released on Wednesday.

The study shows women have been a vital part of Emirati society throughout the country’s history. They used to work in the pearl and fishing industries in addition to fulfilling the family’s agricultural needs and raising children.

We are aware of the importance of female labour forces among UAE nationals, which is why we always make sure that they get the chance to hunt the job they are looking for in a more comfortable atmosphere,” said Hayete Jemai, director of the Tawdheef exhibition.

According to the NBS, the unemployment rate among Emiratis has reached 20.8 per cent while the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council said earlier the number of Emirati jobseekers had reached 13,000 annually, 80 per cent of whom are female, most with a high standard of education.

8 Overused CV Phrases to Avoid – and what to write instead


Writing your CV for your job applications in Dubai can be difficult at the best of times. However, one of the biggest problems you will face when preparing  your CV for your next job is writing a CV which sets you apart from all the other job seekers in Dubai. Just think, you only have 2 A4 pages of white paper, some black text, and some basic formatting, and this is all you have to make a difference, to set your CV apart from the other Dubai Job seekers.

The words and phrases you use can set you apart

This means that the words and phrases that you choose are extremely important, because, if written well and in a striking manner, they have the power to present you as a high level performer with outstanding characteristics who stands apart from the rest.

Everyone uses the same over-used phrases

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Concourse A to create 5,000 jobs in Dubai


According to a report in Zawya, Concourse A (Erstwhile known as Concourse 3), the world’s first purpose-built Airbus A380-dedicated facility of its kind, will help create between 5,000 to 6,000 jobs when it opens within the next three months, officials say.

Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Airports, told Gulf News that his team is gearing up for the opening of the new concourse. “It’s a whole new facility opening up and we are all excited about it. If things work out as planned, we are planning to open it during the first quarter of 2013.”

Dubai Airports currently employs 3,600 people. “Although we are the operator of the terminal, I assume the three largest stakeholders, Emirates, Dubai Duty Free and Dubai Airports and others will employ between 5,000 to 6,000 people…” he said.