8 Overused CV Phrases to Avoid – and what to write instead

Writing your CV for your job applications in Dubai can be difficult at the best of times. However, one of the biggest problems you will face when preparing  your CV for your next job is writing a CV which sets you apart from all the other job seekers in Dubai. Just think, you only have 2 A4 pages of white paper, some black text, and some basic formatting, and this is all you have to make a difference, to set your CV apart from the other Dubai Job seekers.

The words and phrases you use can set you apart

This means that the words and phrases that you choose are extremely important, because, if written well and in a striking manner, they have the power to present you as a high level performer with outstanding characteristics who stands apart from the rest.

Everyone uses the same over-used phrases

The problem you will find today in Dubai and in most cities is that everyone is trying to write great CVS, but, it seems that candidates have all been going to the same source for CV phrases. This means that recruiters are finding that CVS now contain many of the same over-used phrases which are starting to bore recruiters and are having limited persuasive effect. So, if you continue to use, these over used, stock phrases in your CV the power of your CV will be diminished and you will begin to bore the recruiter.

Avoid using over-used phrases, but what are they?

Therefore, you must use fresh words and descriptive phrases and avoid using these tired out over-used phrases. I guess you are wondering what these over used phrases are and whether your CV contains any of these over used phrases?

Well, recently, Office Team conducted a survey of 1,300 senior managers as reported in PRNewswire and asked them, “what was the most over-used and meaningless phrase you see on a resume?” You can find the results of this survey below.

Phrases to Leave Out How to Stand Out
Highly qualified Describe for the hiring manager what you
bring to the role. Highlight your
accomplishments in previous positions,
emphasize your specific skills and note any
certifications you have earned.
Hard worker Explain exactly how you’ve gone the extra
mile. For instance, did you regularly meet
tough deadlines, handle a high volume of
projects or tackle tasks outside your job
Team player Working well with others is a must for any
role today. Provide examples of how you
partnered with colleagues or individuals in
other departments to meet an objective.
Problem solver People love others who can help them get
out of a pickle, but be specific when you
describe this quality. Highlight a difficult
situation you encountered and how you
handled it.
Flexible Hiring managers seek candidates who can
adapt quickly to new situations. Describe
how you responded to a major change at
work or dealt with the unpredictable
aspects of your job.
People person Employers want professionals with strong
communication skills who can build
camaraderie with internal and external
contacts. Provide an example of how you
won over a challenging customer or
Self-starter Companies seek individuals with initiative
who can contribute immediately. Show how
you took action when you saw an issue that
needed to be fixed.


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