Management Positions in Dubai are Expected to Increase

Management entails activities that bring people together to complete goals and objectives management activities are far reaching and diverse. Managers are expected to organize, plan, staff, lead, and control personnel, finances, technology, and even natural resources. As organizations have become larger in work scope and size, the need for quality managers is of premium importance. Having quality managers is important so that goals, vision, morale, and communications are filtered accurately throughout the entire organization. Managers are the individuals that connect the front line workforce to upper leadership. Often times the difference between success and failure in an organization is directly related to the quality of the managers.

The city of Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is a developing city whose economy is based upon tourism and corporate business. Dubai has positioned itself as a global community and a major business hub. There are several major construction projects going on throughout the city which has brought in an influx of several hundred thousand workers. There is a great need for quality managers in Dubai to be able to lead such a large contingency of human capital.

As Dubai continues to develop the need for excellent managers will continue to increase. Dubai leaders have included in their plans the recruitment of managers into their overall development strategy, which means there should be opportunity for management professionals to assume positions within the companies in the city.

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  1. I totally agree with this article. Thanks!

    • Edward Cornelius Gomes says:

      Dubai is top business city inthe world and also expanding business every day. For that Dubai needs a lot of experience people to do the job done. I tollay agree with the article.

      Thank you.