Media and PR Jobs in Dubai Face Strong Outlook through Aggressive Marketing

The media and public relations job sector has grown in stature in recent decades as the ability to influence public opinion has become one of the most important factors of success. Media has exploded in recent years and has exponentially increased in type and availability. Media distribution channels have grown from television, radio, and print to include information technology and cell phones. Social media channels such as blogs, Facebook, MySpace, and other internet sites have engrained themselves into the fabric of society among people under the age of 45.

Media and public relations go hand in hand because public relations information is distributed through the various media distribution channels. With the increase in media access to the normal citizen the importance of a strong media and public relations department and staff is critical to the overall success of the company or individual.

The media and public relations job sector in Dubai has a strong outlook based upon Dubai’s aggressive marketing of itself as a global player in the fields of tourism and business. The government leaders have made it a priority to create a specific image of Dubai as a progressive city that has a lot to offer. To keep up the overall image of the city as well as the various public and private businesses that reside within its borders there will need to be a strong presence contingency of media and public relations personnel to help provide leadership and guidance. The job market for media and PR is expected to grow at an accelerated pace throughout the next decade.

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