Management in Food Industries in High Demand

The Dubai government announced its commitment to invest over $1.4 billion in the food sector during the upcoming months, due largely to the fact that over 90 percent of food goods is imported. While there are currently over 150 food processing plants in the emirates now, the plan is to grow this to accommodate the growing demand for production.

Food prices in Dubai and throughout the UAE have been the driving force behind inflation rates that are ranging between two and three percent. With the cost of sugar and rice on the rise, high costs are likely a large driving factor for the Dubai government to invest in more options for processing food locally. While the raw ingredients will still be imported, processing and packaging food locally drives the economy by creating jobs and lowers the overall cost of food in the long run.

HR Solutions in Dubai predicts this investment by the Dubai government will directly impact the job market in the food sector, citing a significant need for skilled labor throughout the food processing plants. As more workers are added to the plants, the need for management personnel will also rise. The new plants will also need to be fully staffed with management of all levels to help launch the business.

Because management personnel in the food production sector is a fairly niche group of the workforce, it is reasonable to assume the majority of these key management positions will be available to expatriates looking for opportunities to begin working and living in Dubai.

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  1. Lamin Ceesay says:

    you need to recruit credible experts in global food processing companies to train staff on modern techniques.if need be the FAO and its sister organizations’ expert should be given the lead role to perform an in -depth consultancy services a sustainable quality food production.

    • Lamin Ceesay says:

      you managements should consist of two sections.Namely the Administrative and Technical sections.These should be professionals especially the technical section.sustainability of any industry depends on a focus and innovative technical team.Then the junior cadre,value them they are pivotal within any system.They are ready to learn and prove to be cable so as to be they are a most needed partner. Recruitment yard stick should include merits,honesty and the zeal to work amongst.