Government Initiatives to Support Gifted Children in Schools

A study conducted in 2007 regarding gifted children in the government run school systems showed a severe lack of support for developing these exceptional children to their fullest potential. The good news is, this is changing across the UAE as more programs are being added that cater to the brightest and most creative of the areas gifted children.

The British University in Dubai reports that these gifted children have more opportunities available today than they did three years ago, and that major plans are underway to ensure every gifted student receives customized programming to assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

The Ministry of Education has setup new programs and awards that encourage teachers currently working in the UAE to obtain the necessary certification to teach these gifted students. The fact that these rewards and programs are needed clearly shows that there is a lack of teachers prepared and trained to teach gifted children.

Dubai is no exception, in fact, it is safe to assume a large number of the UAE’s most gifted students attend schools in Dubai. The lack of properly certified teachers creates an exciting opportunity for teachers from abroad that have experience in the challenges that keeping pace with highly gifted students creates for a school.

Obtaining work in Dubai as a teacher is one of the easier sectors to break into, as many of the private and government run schools are easily accessible for job inquiries, unlike other sectors that you must go through a recruiter to obtain an interview.

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