Career Opportunities for Expats with Mobile Telecommunications Background

Few aspects of the telecommunications sector provide as much job growth as the major players in the cell phone race. Those that keep an eye on the hot topics in the UAE cannot help but notice that a large portion of the news these days is centered around mobile technology- from the ban on Blackberries to the increased usage of smart phone technology.

Dubai is no exception to the other areas of the UAE with a fascination for the latest and greatest mobile technology. Considering that telecom companies have been under much scrutiny for the way they handle their customer service concerns, it is understandable why many are looking to make the switch from traditional communication means to mobile services.

As the mobile telecom providers struggle to keep up with the ever-growing demand, the majority are expanding operations. Expanding operations means a need for new employees in all roles in the telecommunications sector.

Customer service experts are needed to handle new sign ups, technicians to handle technical support calls will likely be at the forefront of the hiring, but there will undoubtedly be a need for back end specialists that keep these important communication systems running and functioning properly.

Many expatriates that have a background in cell phones or mobile telecommunications technology will have an overwhelming amount of career opportunities, especially those from areas that are the most technologically advanced countries. Applying direct is certainly an option, but recruiters that specialize in telecommunications will have access to the positions not yet publically posted and may be the more beneficial avenue to explore.

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