Dubai Telecoms industry rocked by RIM claims

The ongoing confusion that surrounds the telecoms industry in the UAE and Dubai is one of the factors why this sector of industry is facing uncertain times. With last year’s now famous ‘spyware’ incident that has led to an ongoing dispute between RIM – the makers of the Blackberry range of mobile phones – and the UAE’s Telecoms Regulation Authority leading to increased tension in the region the situation is not likely to be resolved in the immediate future.

The UAE TRA is very strict about what can and can’t be used in the information technology world in the region an governs with an iron rod; any Voice Over Internet Protocols services – such as Skype, so well known and used by Westerners – are banned unless they are used in conjunction with Etisalat or Du, the local providers.

However, the glitches in the development of these telecoms routes should be viewed as another hurdle to be overcome in integrating the Dubai way of life, and laws, with the increasing influence of western attitudes, and the industry as a whole is one that is experiencing a modicum of worthy growth.

Call centres in the region are very much in demand as technology takes a hold in many industries, while attempts by the likes of Google – major industry players – to implement its technology in the region continue. It will take some time but the signs are that the IT industry in Dubai is slowly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of investment.

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