Construction Outlook for 2011 Looks Excellent in Dubai

The construction industry around the world has taken a devastating blow over the last year due to downed economies and declining numbers of new homebuyers. In the United States alone, over 2 million construction workers lost their jobs, and the majority of them still have not found work. While things may look grim for the construction industry world wide, Dubai may be a safe haven for those in the field.

For those not tied to their location and that are willing to consider relocation, Dubai is has a tremendous amount of opportunity for skilled tradesmen and site management personnel. According to a report released on July 21, 2010, the job outlook for the construction industry is more than favorable.  As it stands today, 90% of the workforce in Dubai is expatriates, and of those 45% are employed in the construction sector.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCC) expect the construction sector to boom next year. A large number of infrastructure and construction projects have already been awarded this year, with twice as many to be awarded by the end of 2010.  It is estimated that over $714.8 billion worth of projects are at the design phase right now.

The majority of the new opportunities will be in infrastructure, versus previously when real estate was the driving force in the construction market. This causes a tremendous amount of need for skilled and unskilled labor to man these projects, making now a perfect time to consider a career in Dubai.

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  1. Shane Erstad says:

    I have 33 yrs of iron working experience. I come from 4 generations of iron worker. Ive been a push, j.i.w and done reinforcing and structural steel erection. Been a supervisor/general foreman for 31years. I am seeking a supervisor, general foreman positions.