Increasing Need for ESL Teachers Spurs Eton Institute to Offer Free Teaching Courses

According to Dr. Eli Abi Raced, the Managing Director of Eton Institute in a recent press release, the press is on to find top quality English speaking teachers to fulfill a vast amount of English as a second language, or ESL, positions throughout the UAE. The concern for vacancies has spurred Eton Institute to offer free training sessions for aspiring educators throughout the region.

Dr. Raced recently expressed his excitement at this offering that is the result of collaboration between Eton Institute and EDMI, both of which are leading learning institutions in Dubai. This news presents an extraordinary opportunity for educators throughout the region, but also proves the extent of need for qualified English speaking teachers from abroad.

The education sector in Dubai has been consistently showing growth as a steady stream of well-known universities from around the world have flocked to Dubai to set up a campus. The majority of these are part of Dubai International Academic City, a 20 million square foot campus that is the world’s one and only free zone of higher education.

Few people could argue that the UAE’s knowledge-based economy provides an amazing opportunity for students at all levels, and few areas of the world can compete with the educational standards for excellence schools in Dubai have proven to uphold. For teachers from abroad that are disappointed in the quality of education and the low standards to which schools are held, teaching in Dubai would be like a breath of fresh air.

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