Medical and Healthcare Jobs in Dubai Increase Due to Growth

With the population aging, the need for healthcare professionals has exponentially increased. The average life span of individuals has increased, which means there must be healthcare workers and facilities to care and treat people. Medical and healthcare jobs, particularly direct patient care positions such as nurses and medical assistants have increased the most. Even though much of the world is experiencing an economic downturn the demand for nurses has grown to the point where there are not enough qualified applicants to fill vacant positions.

Medical and healthcare research positions are also increasing as medical research has exploded due to the prescription drug industry and the variety of new health care threats that arise on a regular basis. Healthcare management system careers are also increasing as information technology now plays a large role in the way patient care and health care related business is conducted. Complicated information technology systems dedicated to the healthcare environment need specialized workers who know how to set up and maintain them.

Dubai has had an influx of hundreds of thousands of workers who have come to the city to work on the various megaproject construction jobs. The sheer number of employees coupled with the dangerous work being done means that healthcare workers are needed to care for them. Dubai is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world, which means an increase in demand for quality medical and healthcare workers. The outlook for medical and healthcare workers in Dubai is expected to remain strong and outpace most other occupations.

Media and PR Jobs in Dubai Face Strong Outlook through Aggressive Marketing

The media and public relations job sector has grown in stature in recent decades as the ability to influence public opinion has become one of the most important factors of success. Media has exploded in recent years and has exponentially increased in type and availability. Media distribution channels have grown from television, radio, and print to include information technology and cell phones. Social media channels such as blogs, Facebook, MySpace, and other internet sites have engrained themselves into the fabric of society among people under the age of 45.

Media and public relations go hand in hand because public relations information is distributed through the various media distribution channels. With the increase in media access to the normal citizen the importance of a strong media and public relations department and staff is critical to the overall success of the company or individual.

The media and public relations job sector in Dubai has a strong outlook based upon Dubai’s aggressive marketing of itself as a global player in the fields of tourism and business. The government leaders have made it a priority to create a specific image of Dubai as a progressive city that has a lot to offer. To keep up the overall image of the city as well as the various public and private businesses that reside within its borders there will need to be a strong presence contingency of media and public relations personnel to help provide leadership and guidance. The job market for media and PR is expected to grow at an accelerated pace throughout the next decade.

Management Positions in Dubai are Expected to Increase

Management entails activities that bring people together to complete goals and objectives management activities are far reaching and diverse. Managers are expected to organize, plan, staff, lead, and control personnel, finances, technology, and even natural resources. As organizations have become larger in work scope and size, the need for quality managers is of premium importance. Having quality managers is important so that goals, vision, morale, and communications are filtered accurately throughout the entire organization. Managers are the individuals that connect the front line workforce to upper leadership. Often times the difference between success and failure in an organization is directly related to the quality of the managers.

The city of Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is a developing city whose economy is based upon tourism and corporate business. Dubai has positioned itself as a global community and a major business hub. There are several major construction projects going on throughout the city which has brought in an influx of several hundred thousand workers. There is a great need for quality managers in Dubai to be able to lead such a large contingency of human capital.

As Dubai continues to develop the need for excellent managers will continue to increase. Dubai leaders have included in their plans the recruitment of managers into their overall development strategy, which means there should be opportunity for management professionals to assume positions within the companies in the city.

The Information Technology Job Market in Dubai

Technology now plays a major role in the operations of most organizations. Business systems within an organization now rely on technology which has greatly increased the need for competent, trained workers who understand these sometimes complex systems. In 2009 there was a total of over $763 billion dollars spent related to information technology. The official definition of information technology is any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and disseminate information.

City officials in Dubai are attempting to create an image of the city as one that is progressive and almost futuristic. The ruling parties are attempting to attract information technology firms to the region and many have responded by setting up operational bases within the city. Companies who have come to Dubai include Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and EMC Corporation. One of the major projects under construction is Dubai’s central business district named Business Bay. Once complete, the district will include an astounding 500 skyscrapers that surround a man made body of water. This construction project will require thousands of information technology professionals to assist in the development and implementation of the business information systems.

The progressive nature of the city is a natural fit for the information technology job market. The outlook of the IT sector for Dubai is expected to remain positive as more and more organizations look to Dubai as a place to do business. For IT professionals seeking opportunities in an exotic location in a fast paced environment, Dubai may be a good fit.

HR and Recruitment Jobs Expected to Grow Due to Tourism in Dubai

Human resources and recruitment jobs are responsible for maximizing the return an organization seeks to derive from its workforce. Their roles include facilitating the hiring process, employee performance, employee relations, compensation and benefits, training and development, and behavior management. Many organizations have become more people focused, which means they are seeking to find and retain the highest level of personnel possible. People are now seen as the greatest asset which has made HR and recruitment one of the most important determining factors of success or failure in any organization.

With the stressed importance of human resources and recruitment there has been an increased level of pay and prestige. The job sector is expected to increase along with the competition. The advent of the internet has caused a major shift in the ability of companies to find and recruit top talent. Firms can now advertise a single position to an audience of millions of people with the click of a button.

Dubai’s economy, which has mainly been based on tourism, is now seeking to diversify its economic base by attracting organizations to begin operations in the city. Dubai has set up regions within the city set aside for specific businesses. Regions include Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, which form the larger TECOM (Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority). There is also a Dubai outsourcing zone where companies involved in outsourcing operate. With Dubai’s focus on attracting businesses to the city there is certainly a major increase in demand for HR and recruitment professionals.

Hospitality and Travel Job Growth Forecast in Dubai

The hospitality and travel sector of the economy has exploded into a trillion dollar industry. In America, the economy has shifted from a manufacturing base to a service base, with many of those jobs being hospitality and travel. The world-wide economic downturn has had an effect on the hospitality and travel industry as many travelers and vacationers have tightened up the purse strings. Nevertheless, the sector still is expected to grow at a solid pace throughout the decade.

The hospitality and travel sector is the biggest part of the city’s economy as it has positioned itself as an important tourist destination. Officials have brought in several large construction projects to try and attract tourists. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall, and has a waterfront area that is roughly seven times the size of Manhattan.

Dubai has recently experienced a recession that started around 2005, but is now beginning to come out of it. As countries such as the United States and those in Europe continue to also see economic improvements the Dubai economy is expected to profit as vacationers and business travelers will begin to increase spending. For people seeking to break into the hospitality and travel industry, Dubai provides a unique experience.

Dubai is also focusing on attracting large firms, which has made Dubai one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The influx of permanent residents means that hospitality positions will increase and become permanent rather than seasonal in nature.