5 of the Hottest Careers in Dubai in 2012

With most of the Euro-zone and the US remaining in the grips of the global economic slowdown, the UAE is bucking that trend and experiencing growth of nearly 5% in 2011. Dubai itself is expecting 5% growth this year, which is remarkable when compared to the weak Euro-zone and US growth projections of 0.3%, and 2%, respectively.

As we can see the Dubai economy is booming at the moment – apparently its the fastest growing city in the world – and represents a great location for both expatriates and locals to get a job and secure a great career. But, in every booming economy there are cold and hot spots, areas of jobs growth and areas of jobs decline. For example, the traditionally strong MEP job sector in Dubai has now begun to weaken due to a construction slowdown, meaning that there is more competition for jobs in MEP in Dubai and fees are reducing.

As an aspiring professional it is vital that you try and secure job in Dubai in a demand industry which promises good growth over the next decade – and this will help to ensure you can attract the best salaries and have better job security.

Below, we have set out 5 key employment growth areas in Dubai which we think will be a great place for aspiring professionals to focus their career search in Dubai.

5 of the Hottest Careers in Dubai

1. Hospitality Jobs in Dubai will continue to Boom

Dubai tourism continues to boom, experiencing 10% growth in visitor numbers in 2012. And we expect this to continue as we see that Emirates airlines have just placed an $18 Billion order for 50 Boeing 777, which is the second biggest order in Boeing’s history! Hospitality is clearly a great place to have a career in Dubai both now and into the future. A great place to start your hospitality job search is on the LinkedIn Group – Dubai Hospitality Professionals.

2. Food Industry Jobs will rise dramatically.

As the population in Dubai grows and tourism booms, Dubai has begun experiencing exponential growth in the Food sector. Therefore, the food manufacturing and service industry is Dubai is a great place to make your next career step. The Food Safety Dubai group on LinkedIn is a great way to start your career search in this sector.

3. Retail Banking Jobs to grow in the next five years

A Gulf News report predicts that retail banking in Dubai is expected to drive the growth of the industry by 10 per cent over the next five years. That same report also highlighted that the sector is suffering severe talent shortages, so retail banking is a great place to get a job in Dubai and secure a competitive salary. You can search for jobs in this sector in the Bankers Middle East group on LinkedIn.

4. Media Jobs on the rise

A study by the prestigious PwC reveals that the Entertainment and Media market has the highest growth rate compared to global markets and is expected to maintain this growth advantage over the next five years. The media industry in Dubai will therefore experience increased demand for jobs and increasing salaries and is a great career option. The Dubai Media City Group on LinkedIn is a great source of media jobs in Dubai.

5. Diamond and Gold Jobs

The consumer market for diamond and gold is booming in Dubai, and so expect increased demand for jobs in import and export of precious metals as well as increased jobs in diamond and gold commodities trading, which reached a record value of US $ 35 Billion in 2010. Look in the Dubai Diamond Exchange Group on LinkedIn for job opportunities in this field.

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