How to Build a Career in the Dubai MEP Sector

At the peak of the construction boom, around 25% of the world’s cranes were operating in Dubai, making it a magnet for the world’s top MEP professionals. Dubai is not enjoying the 20% annual construction growth levels that it was seeing in 2008, but with 7% growth forecast for 2012, Dubai is still the premier construction market in the world. But as demand has slowed, the supply of MEP professionals has swelled which has increased competition for MEP jobs in Dubai.

Now, more than ever, MEP specialists need to make use of all the resources available to them to get the best paying MEP jobs in Dubai. One of the most effective ways to tap into the Dubai MEP market is through LinkedIn, as you find will job opportunities from all the major employers in Dubai, and you will be able to network directly with hirers to help you get on the inside track for new jobs.

Here we look at the some of the key groups and job sites that you should join in order that you can network, find a job and develop your career in the Dubai Engineering sector.

LinkedIn Groups

MEP Careers Middle East (2,848 members): This group is aimed at MEP professionals looking to work in the Middle East, but will have a primary focus on Dubai, with it being the largest market. The top Dubai employers will target this group as it is so specific to their needs and has nearly 3,000 members. Remember, don’t just check out the jobs boards, examine the discussion boards in detail as jobs are also advertised here. Another good group to join is the MEP Group, (7000 members), which although not Dubai focused will contain a lot of Dubai based jobs; the same goes for The Engineering Forum (6860 members) and MEP Engineers (5,197).

On-line Jobs Boards

Of course, LinkedIn is not the only place to find MEP jobs in Dubai, the traditional online jobs boards are still a fantastic source of MEP jobs, however, you cannot network and engage with the hiring managers as you can in LinkedIn. Three of the top sites for MEP jobs in Dubai are, and You can see more construction jobs and recruitment agencies here.

The best thing to do is visit these sites and search for jobs, but also follow them on twitter so you can be the first to hear about new MEP openings. This leads us nicely into the next subject twitter.


Twitter is a great way of finding out about MEP jobs in twitter; the advantage of twitter is that is easier to access from a smart-phone, so suits a busy, mobile professional. As mentioned above, you can find MEP jobs in Dubai on twitter by following the top websites, however, you can also search for Dubai job opportunities, under the hashtag ‘Dubai MEP‘ and this will give you an amalgamated overview of current MEP jobs in Dubai.

As you can see, there are multiple channels through which you can conduct your search for MEP jobs in Dubai. The best way to manage this stream of information is to get an app on your smart-phone which merges the feeds from Twitter and LinkedIn, and then you will always have a first-hand view of the Dubai MEP jobs market in the palm of your hand.

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