Dubai Work Visa and Living Etiquette

Dubai is officially an important part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which constitutes seven relatively autonomous states. A tourist visa (entry visa) for the UAE is free for most of the foreign nationals, and is in the form of a stamp upon arrival at the airport which is put over your passport.

The jobseekers need to keep their ‘employment visa’ with themselves, which is mostly arranged by the employer who is hiring for jobs in Dubai. The employment visa is valid for thirty days. After that, the company is liable to arrange a work permit and residency visa. The residency visa is usually valid for three years and this will be helpful during opening a bank account, buying a car or taking a telephone connection.

Here we cover all the details.

Visit visa

People who are planning to visit Dubai with an aim to start up a business or spot jobs in Dubai, need to have a visit visa with them. However, settling in Dubai on the basis of a Visit Visa is otherwise illegal. The precise measurement of all types of visas also changes regularly, so it is wise to obtain information from the UAE embassy from their own country in advance.

Being a citizen of Dubai is almost impossible. Even those who have been living in Dubai for decades remain a foreigner.

For more information, read this comprehensive guide on Dubai visas.

Dubai Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Alcohol is difficult to find in Dubai, but good restaurants and hotels usually have an exemption. Westerners may possess a liquor license application, and can buy alcohol from registered stores. Please do not be surprised if a crate of beer costs more than twenty Euros. For this reason many Westerners drive to one of the more liberal emirates in the UAE where alcohol is easier and cheaper to obtain.
  2. Never drive too fast in Dubai. For some years there are very stringent speed and corresponding penalties introduced. The probability of detection is much greater than in the India or any other Asian country.
  3. One must not be too exposed to public beaches (on private beaches of the hotels are a little liberal). The only reason to remain body covered is that it is a Muslim country and there is rule to remain covered at public places, no matter it is a man or woman.
  4. Learn Arabic. Though the language in the business world is indeed English. But the expats can make a little effort and learn the local language for speaking only, as it create good impression and will help them to gain businesses and jobs in Dubai.
  5. Buy a four wheeler (automobiles are cheaper in UAE) and take a ride with friends on the beaches. The city is blessed with beautiful and sparkling beaches. One can also plan winter weekends in the desert or in mountains of Oman. UAE has such picturesque locations that will leave you mesmerized.
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