You Don’t Need a Job in Dubai. A Job in Dubai Needs You!

There is an important fact that is frequently overlooked by job seekers. The ignorance of this fact is the reason most job seekers tend to face difficulties in their job search. Here’s the simple fact:

Job seekers are sellers. Employers are buyers.

What does this mean? And how should it effect your job search and your outlook towards employment?

You may, as a job seeker, send out 10s, if not 100s, of cover letters and resumes to employers only to be disappointed with the lack of response. Then you will rationalize this disappointment in your head. You may think to yourself:

  • Maybe the company is not hiring now
  • Maybe the person who reviews applications is on a vacation
  • Maybe there was a system failure that prevented my application from being received
  • Maybe it is something that really is out of my control
  • Maybe, etc…

But the truth is, these causes are seldom the reason for lack of response. Employers always have money to spend and hire new people; ALWAYS. The reason they didn’t respond to your efforts is because your offer to them is not compelling enough. You did not convince them that you are worth buying.

What are businesses, companies, and employers interested in? One thing: money.

To convince employers of buying your service, the first thing you need to do is to refine yourself and specialize in one field and then show them that your specialty can bring them money.

You need to:

  • first, examine your specialty and your capabilities
  • second, market your specialty by targeting your job application
  • third, sell your specialty by showing employers the benefits of having you

Examine Your Specialty

In order to examine if you have a specialized skill, ask yourself the following question: can you utilize your skills to earn a living independently and without the help of an employer, for example as a freelance consultant, designer or writer?

If not, then is it because you lack the platform that the employer provides or is it because you are not sure of the value of your skills in the open market?

If you’re not sure of the value of what you do, then Dubai may not be for you, yet. As I have said in our other employment guides, Dubai companies offer minimal training and expect employees to hit the ground running. Dubai employers are not out there to discover your hidden qualities and talents. They want you to teach them what you do and do it for them.

Furthermore, if you answered “no,” perhaps you should take some time off, think about your future, and discover exactly what you enjoy and what you would like to do with your time.

If you answered “yes” then you are more than ready. Now it’s time to put on the salesman and marketer hat.

Targeting Your Job Application

In marketing it is known that targeted messages receive the highest response.

However, due to the difficulty that is associated with creating a quality targeted job application, you may opt for quantity. In other words, instead of tailoring your applications to a few companies and hiring managers, you may create a “template” message that you broadcast to 100s of employers. In reality, when it comes to sales and marketing, quality is much more important than quantity. Think about yourself: are you more likely to respond to a spam email that goes out to 1000s of people, or are you more likely to respond to an email that addresses you by name and discusses issues that are relevant to your life at the moment? Exactly. That’s what you should do.

For example, you may see a job posted on Write down the company name and the department of the company that posted the job. Then find the contact information of the company. Then call them up and ask to speak to the manager of the department that posted the job. When you are asked by the phone operator for the reason of your call, say that you have important questions about the posted job description, and you need clarifications. Speak with confidence and authority. When you are connected to the manager (be polite, but don’t let him/her intimidate you; he/she is not your manager, yet. It’s just someone on the phone who may be the stupidest person in the world), ask the questions that you have. Ask him what he really wants in the person who he’ll hire. Ask what traits he likes, etc. Also, take this opportunity to introduce yourself and learn the name and, if possible, the email and direct phone number of the manager. This information will help you target your message to this manager directly.

Tell me: how many job seekers do you suppose will go to this length in order to secure a job? Very few. If you follow this procedure, you will have instantly put yourself ahead of all job seekers. Additionally, with the information that you will have acquired through this procedure, you will be able to tailor your application to the specific requirements of this manager and his department. It will be very hard for them to not consider you for the job.

Selling Your Job Application

Now that we have talked about the importance of of targeted messages, we should now address the importance of the content of your targeted message. What exactly should you say in your job application in order to sell it?

There are two important principles of selling that you should keep in mind when you send out your application

  • Make it very clear exactly what you do. Don’t let them get confused in trying to understand where to place you in their organization.
  • In your profile whenever you mention one of your strengths, follow with with a sentence that describes how this strength can be a benefit to their business.

For example, if you have 12-years of experience in marketing, in your profile, don’t just say “A dynamic professional with 12-years experience in marketing.” Instead, emphasize how they can benefit from your 12-years of experience by saying something like, “With my 12-years of marketing experience, I’m capable of creating and executing marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to enhance the brand and perception of [insert company name] to increase long term profitability.”

Whenever you mention one of your strengths, make it clear to the reader how this strength will contribute to their profitability and make them a better company. Don’t make the reader have to think in order to figure out how you could help them.

If you follow the outlined procedure in this article, you will never be unemployed again because you will no longer need employment. Instead, employment will need YOU.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. Nice work, keep it up. Cheers.

  2. Nasir Islam says:

    i need a job in dubai as a sales marketing person ,i have 8 years experience. so if you reply for a suitable job for me then i will send the detail from my site.

    • Hi Nasir,

      Despite the current economic conditions, all businesses require sales and marketing professionals.

      Find here a list of companies, recruitment agencies and job sites that you may utilize to pursue employment in Dubai.



    • i need a job sir so plz will u help me
      if u can thn plzzz mail me your id aur your ans on my mail id

  3. venkatesh says:

    i am a hotelier. i have 4 years experience. i am seeking job in Dubai. please find a good job for me . if u find a job please replay me than i will give my all details . thanking you

  4. Salvador O. Hernandez says:

    I am very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the web site and agree 100% on the approach and rationale provided by the persons managing this site. KUDOS for you all.
    I am also impressed by the quality or lack of it on some of the replies and feedback shared here by some of the visitors as well as their “demands” and expectations.
    I have over 20 years of experience as a Supply Chain Executive and specializing in Corporate Strategy and Business Development and definitely focus on landing a solid opportunity in my field with a well established company.
    Will share my success story with you when it happens….I am aiming at four to five months for my goal to be achieved if not before but definitely will not rush it in order not to lose professional standing.

  5. Suhaib Shaikh says:

    These are some really interesting tips, except for one thing. You’ve mentioned that we must focus on our prior experiences and expertise, but what would you recommend for a fresh graduate that has just entered into the working class?

  6. im tayeb from algeria 24 old i have the bacherlor’s degree certificate field of study inn economic sciences specialty/ ECONOMY AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
    I HAVE TOO CERTIFICATE IN computer maintenance
    I should be grateful to you if I was able to work in your companie

  7. Hello Mohammed,

    This is a very useful information for all job seekers, thank you putting it all together.

    My questions is , what are the chances of a newly graduated/ qualified person’s finding a job in

    Dubai? I have two BA’s and a certificate as an English teacher( CELTA), I speak three languages and I’m British but I have absolutely no
    experience. People advice to make up stuff in my CV but I’m not sure if this is the way to go.

    Any thoughts on this will be appreciated, thanks a lot.


  8. Amazing stuff ! The tips are really worth consideration. A lot of people will really benefit, if they follow the guidelines.
    Keeep it up.


  9. i need a job in dubai.


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    • 12th grade: In Mathematics With 79%.

    • DEGREE: BSc. Computer Applications With 89%.

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    ITIL Level 1 Certified with 100% marks

    Knowledge in 1099 Patching, CPU Patching, Vertex Quantum & Sales Updating (Learned on Job, with the help of internal team members)

    Excellent Communication skills.

    C, C++, VB, Java


    Attended Training on Data Ware Housing in 2007.

    Total EXPERIENCE: 5 years

    Quality Assurance Analyst – Problem Management: (Dec 12 2005 till Sept 11 2006): In Oracle Technology Park on contract Basis employed from ASM Technologies Ltd.

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    Associate Technical Analyst – Release Management: On Roles @ Oracle Corporation from 19th Jul 2007 till date.

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    Received Outstanding Performer for the FY 2008.


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    • My team was awarded as the Best Team in Oracle- On Demand Dept.

  10. Faisal Ghauri says:


  11. I am experienced sales with a bachelor of commerce degree if found any sales job or agent job inform me your tips are quiete excellent i will have to change my resume keep up

  12. Abdul Malik says:

    I am a pharmaceuticals sales person with 9 years experience and am seeking employment in dubai. Please let me know how I could narrow my search down in locating vacancies in dubai.

    Thank you

  13. MANOJ JOSEPH says:

    Sir, I have good experience in driver, I knows almost all roads in dubai. I am looking a good

    company in Dubai & sharjah

    thank you
    manoj joseph

  14. hi dears,
    i want to apply for job in bubai. kindly help me as give me information how can i search job
    i have no much money. thanks

  15. Thank you! for the interesting article and fruitful! I’ll follow it

  16. bereket berhe says:

    i need a job in the area of IT ,and i am currently working with abay bank s.c in the position of database administrator. so pls find me a job in related to my education and experience.

  17. Mohamed Alaudeen says:

    Hello,This is Mohamed Alaudeen from Tirupur Running a Textile company Namely Taj Fashion.We are a buying Agent Dealing all type of garments.


  18. Irfan ahmed says:

    Hello, This is Irfan Ahmed from Pakistan, Karachi. I need a job in the area of I.T,or net working,hardware maintainer, troubleshooter in Dubai.i have been doing job in iqra university defence karachi,post of computer lab incharge since 3 years.Before this job i have worked as IT Manager in private company..

  19. Syed Shaffee says:

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  20. Muhammad Ameen says:


    Iam finishing M.C.A {Distance Education} and B.C.A {Regular} along with 2.5 years experience in IT industries…and A+(Harware);N+(Network);CCNA for HCL Certification. Iam looking for suitable position in IT…

    Warm regards
    Muhammad Ameen
    contact : 55 72 84 391

  21. hi
    aijaz here .having an expreince for selling jems and jewells last 12 years .if there is any job regarding salesmanship. please provide information.

    will be pleasure.

  22. dear/i am pharmacist about 5 years /can i have a drug store in dubai or be a doctor in pharmacy? i am not in uae/tanx

  23. Puskar Sapkota says:

    Im a professional Photo/Videographor, Editor, Graphic Designer, worked in many films as Line Producer, Asst Cameraman, now working as Asst Manager in Cable TV of Cable Network. Im looking for suitable position.

  24. sadik issmail says:


  25. m.mushtaq says:

    i am thinking that there is no suggestion for the new seekers because where we went for the job they always ask about experience.what should be solution of this problem
    please give me the answer by mail

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  28. my name is Ashok, rihgt now i am in dubai doing job in construction company as SHE Trainer
    i have work as Safety Inspector, so please inform me if any jobs vacancy for me?

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  32. bahaa matar says:

    I would like to find a job that suits my qualifications the most important thing is what could i benefit with my skills , I am a pharmacist with a master degree with 4 years experience . thank you

  33. bahaa matar says:

    i need a job in a pharmaceutical company i am a pharmacist with a master degree and i need a job in Dubai i am willing to take the license exam for pharmacist in Dubai but i need to know the date of this exams and some other information please contact me or send me an email i need this job immediately thank you

  34. Respected Sir or mam i am in Sharja with a contruction Compny i hava verry good skil office job if any sutiable job you have plase inform me my contct no is 09717478169 and hom no is 00923459560928 ID is

  35. I want to come to Dubai on a 70 days visa to job hunt do you think I can get a job in a short while? I am a Nigerian national with a master degree MBA in Europe Cyprus, with 4 years work exp 2 in Cyprus 2+ in Nigeria, re my chances high in getting a job?
    Where will be better to get a job fastest with less immigration procedure Dubai,Qatar,Abu Dhabi,Kuwait, Bahrain or Oman.?
    What re my chances with my course of study and young experience also caring a Nigerian passport?

  36. i need jop im 20

  37. irfan-ul-haq says:

    i need a campany job in dubai .i am working in wapda since 15 years in pakistan my mobile number is +923217566566

  38. mostafa hussein hamdy says:

    Here is mostafa hussein – a mechanical power engineer, working in the design&Marketing sector of Natural gas networks in a supplying natural gas company in egypt with 10 years of experience. and one year gulf experience in dubai .

    i was working in sinimmar trading est. as a product development engineer, in selling and installation of flexlink conveyor systems for a year in dubai
    so it would be great if i back to gulf , and stay for a long term….. for years.
    this is my e-mail

  39. hi everyone this is Maya Gupta from Mumbai working in research filed but want job in dubai for good job opening in clinical research field job and please do revert back on my email id is

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    Mayaa gupta

  40. maroun hayek says:

    i am a lebanese canadian man،i am seeking for a job in one of gulf contries،i have more than fefteen years experience in banking card operations and swift department plus working in the branches in all services،and i am ready to improve my self in any possible position i will occupy، with my best regards

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    i am a derrickman

  42. WAHID AZIZ says:



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    connect2web is an innovative technology company which utilizes relationships and appropriate technologies to build continuous value for clients and partners. We are a technology management and marketing company that leverages our skills of related disciplines including: software and web development, product marketing as well as our own digital billing product and independent web based initiatives

    Responsibilities include:
    • Overall supervision of the Accounts Department of company with team of two staff members;
    • Preparing monthly management reports & reporting thereof to Director;
    • Preparing Financial and costing statements of the company;
    • Supervision of company investments;
    • Handling fund management activities of company, which involves building business relationship with various banks and other financial institutions;
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    • Reinstatement of Lapsed Policies.
    • Surrender the Policies.
    • Alteration the Policies.
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    Bachelors in Commerce (B.COM)

    Govt. Degree Science &Commerce College Karachi 2003

    Higher Secondary Certificate
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    Govt. Degree Science &Commerce College Karachi 1998

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     Tally
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    Dear sir,
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    You’re Faithfully,
    Mohammad Rizwan
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    Career Objective:

    To secure a position in an organization that would fully employ my personal skills, my experience as well as my academic training in a rewarding career that affords Professional and personal growth.
    Personal Strength:

    • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Quick learner and ability to work under pressure
    • Possess good management and organizational skills
    • Ability to work in a team and under pressure
    • Good motivator, enthusiastic and open to learn new ideas
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks
    • Good typing speed
    Academic Qualification:

    1: BCS Honors ( Bachelor of Computer Science)
    Virtual University Peshawar, Pakistan.
    Department of Computer Science
    Presently in 2nd (semes)

    2: HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate)
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    Global Degree College Peshawar. Pakistan.

    SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Completed in 2006
    Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, biology
    New Scholar High School Peshawar Pakistan.

    Technical Proficiency:

    • Basic programming with C++, HTML and Php.
    • Microsoft Office.
    • Networking
    • Windows (XP, 7, UNIX, Linux).
    • Software and Hardware maintenance.
    • Web Development


    • 3 Years of Experience in Computer Hardware and Software, installation, maintenance and Troubleshooting.

    Extra-Curricular Activities:

    1. 6 Days SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training included

    Section 1. World Wide Web Fundamentals
    Section 2. SEO Fundamentals
    Section 3. Google AdSense Fundamentals
    Section 4. Word Press Fundamental
    Section 5. Website Monitoring & Optimizing
    Section 6. Online Earning Ways Or Substitute Of AdSense

    2. Attended Workshop Active Citizen Learning Programming,
    From British Council HRDC (Human Research
    Management Development Centre) pesh, pak (2009).

    3. Attended Workshop United Youth Conference (2010)
    The United Youth Conference (UYC) has been planned keeping in mind the dense yet latent potential in the youth. It aims to provide the youth with the paraphernalia of leading a successful life in all parts of the society, without forming discriminations of the basis of geographical or ethnic backgrounds.

    Language Proficiency:

    1. Urdu Fluent
    2. English Good Fluency.

    Interest and Hobbies:

    • Traveling
    • Meeting people
    • Surfing the Web
    • Playing Badminton and Cricket


    Will be provided on request.

  47. It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration.
    My record of academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable employee.
    My CV/Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.
    Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Lebanese
    Birth date: 2/1./1983
    Birth Place: Mijdlaya-Aley-Lebanon
    Relationship Status: Engaged
    Address: Mijdlaya-Aley-Lebanon./dubai
    Mobile: +9613731300/+971556265001
    Telephone: +9615410656/+971556265001
    Passport no:RL1055675 expiry date:19/06/2012

    The Science of pharmacy is not all about giving the prescribed drug, nowadays it is expanding in the science field, and my objective is to expand my work to a level that meets my skills, knowledge, and capabilities.
    2001 – 2002 Baisour Oficial School in Lebnon
    Graduated from high school with a bachelor degree in Life Science

    2002 – 2007 Zaparojia Medical University in Ukraine
    Graduated from faculty of pharmacy with a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical sciences
    During the academic years trained well in Zaparojia hospital in Ukraine in clinical pharmacy.

    2007 – 2008 Zaparojia Medical University in Ukraine
    Graduated with a master degree in science of pharmacy.

    2008 – 2009
    Succeeded in the co-locum test for native students


    2002 – 2008 Pharmacy Training in Lebanon
    Every summer for the 6 years of my higher education in Shahar Pharmacy.

    2009 – 2011 Pharmacist
    Worked as a pharmacist in pharmacy “prestige pharmacy”.

    • Languages: Arabic Native Language
    Excellent in Russian & Ukrainian Languages
    Fluent in English Language
    Fair in French Language
    • Computing: Excellent in Word, Excel & SoftPharm programs
    Sheikh khaled the previous owner oh shahar’s pharmacy
    DR. Jamal hamwi my assistant to the co locum test.
    Dr.Hikmat matar
    Recommendations and certificates will be furnished upon request.

  48. Hi
    my name is Rizwan i am from Pakistan i am site supervisour hear in contruction compny in Ras al khaimah now i wana to cencle from hear if anybody who need Engineer or site cearer thay can contect me on my email or sell no +971557478169

  49. Imran khan says:

    Hi this is imran. i am specialist,funcational consultant, core team member in SAP (DM , device managment) just reading my CV and reply me if nay suitable post availble.

    Imran Khan
    P.O.Box 564, Main Office DEWA Billing Dept.
    Mobile Number: 0553141617, 0504404796







    A versatile, analytical and hardworking with practical hand on approach which always perseveres and achieves the best results. Able to collect and analyze information, digest facts/figure and quickly grasp complex technical issues. Excellent negotiation and problem solving skills and swiftly identifies the root of any problem and develops and effective solution.

    MBA (Information Technology in Progress)
    Alkhair University Lahore, Pakistan

    Additional Sociology,2005
    Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

    Bachelor of Arts 2003
    Peshawar University, Pakistan

    Worked as a Customer Service Officer in Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
    from 2007 to Present

    In DEWA
    Job Responsibilities

    Customer Services Responsibilities:
     Talking staff/clients through a series of actions, either face to face or over the telephone
     Providing support, including procedural documentation and billing adjustment
     Following diagrams and written instructions to repair a fault or set up a system
     Supporting the roll-out of new applications
     Setting up new users accounts and profiles and dealing with enter locks cases issues
     Working continuously on a task until completion (or referral to third parties, if appropriate)
     Prioritizing and managing many open cases at one time
     Rapidly establishing a good working relationship with customers and other professionals
     Conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment

    SAP Core Team Member Responsibilities
     Core team member of SAP (DM,CRM , Billing and Invoicing)
     Checking errors log ,data downloading and uploading from table to SAP and vice versa
     Uploading and downloading of data from PDA to SAP
     Monthly backup of data from SAP
     Verification and data clearance for billing and invoicing
     PDA supervisor (New digital system for Meter Reading).
     Checking and changing of new connections and creating customers master data in SAP
     Balancing of workload through SAP

    SAP (System Application Program) Training From DEWA 2,years
    Electrical Supervisor Diploma from GPCMS,1 year
    DIT from CCITMS,1 year
    R/AC OPFMS,6 months
    VB Programming from CCITMS,6 months
    A+ from OPFMS,3 months

    Date of Birth: 27th April 1982
    Marital Status: Married
    Languages: English, Arabic, Urdu,Pashto
    NIC Number: 156011-003690-1
    Nationality: Pakistani.

  50. Md. Mumtaz Ansari says:

    Hello Sir,
    I need job out of India because I am still working as Computer Teacher in a School, Computer Technician, Mobile Repairing etc. out here in Kurseong, Dist – Darjeeling.

    I have passed Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking with First Devision,
    Diploma in Telecommunication Hardware,
    2 years Diploma in Emission Testing,

    Thanking You
    Yours Faithful
    Md. Mumtaz Ansari