Office Assistant Position in Dubai

Job Description:

PA jobs in Dubai that are otherwise called office assistant jobs are in-house support positions to an entire office. That means a person holding this position should have a basic knowledge of how an office is run and should learn, within a reasonable amount of time, the tasks and systems specific or unique to the company they work for. Office Assistants directly report to the Office Manager who would most often be their direct supervisor. This position would generally involve administrative and/or clerical support services. Rarely would an office assistant be doing anything related to anyone’s personal affairs as this position does not give anyone in the firm exclusive rights to the office assistant’s professional services or time.


  • Phone & Fax Management. This function include picking up, screening and fielding phone calls and faxes. This is more than a switchboard operator function as office assistants usually decide whether each incoming phone call or fax deserves further attention from core or non-core staff at the firm. They would take messages for anyone in the firm but are generally the gatekeepers of the phone and fax lines. They would also be placing phone calls or sending out faxes and normally keep a log of nonlocal calls and both incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Calendar & Scheduling. Office assistants manage company calendars and schedule and/or coordinate events. In this role, they would coordinate with managers who plan business events and affairs. In most cases, scheduling tasks would relate to assisting with travel arrangements for managers and staff, along with internal or external meetings or conferences held within the office.
  • Professional support. Office assistants help in preparing presentations, spreadsheets, documents and contracts, documentation and filing, quotes requests, supplier relations and a host of other administrative support functions. These may be required by individual firm members (usually the office manager or the managing director), team (logistics for the sales team), or the entire office (such as when requesting replenishment of office supplies or sending out quote requests).
  • Auxiliary Tasks. These include photocopying, distributing mails, collating, logging and filing of documents that come in or are sent out via courier services and keeping hard copies of important emails. Office assistants also manage company contact lists for internal contact information, supplier contacts and client contact information.


  • Education – Office Assistants in Dubai must have a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the industry or the specific type of business the company you’re after is in, your particular degree may be an advantage or not. However, those with a business or management degree are attractive prospects for office assistant jobs in virtually any industry or business.
  • Technical skills – Proficiency in the three basic MS Office applications – Word, Excel and Powerpoint- is a common requirement. Excellent oral and written communication skills is another common qualification for office assistants.
  • Other Skills. Reasonable typing speed is an implied requirement for this position. You’d also be presumed to be familiar with business correspondences – fax, memo, email, contracts, etc.

Salary Range (monthly):

AED 2,000-4,500. Average going rate: AED 3,250

Employers Description:

The position office assistant is usually used by relatively larger firms with offices in various locations. Often, these are foreign-based firms with Middle East operations or local UAE businesses with at least a national operation. Their Dubai offices hire office assistants to support their operations. The small and medium-sized enterprises’ counterpart position is normally called an office secretary or receptionist.

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