Guide to Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Understand How Dubai Recruitment Agencies Operate To Exploit Them

Don’t you wish there were a way to get recruiters in Dubai work hard to find a job that’s just right for you? You must be wondering: “with all the opportunities in Dubai, there got to be a company and a position that is just right for me. How can get recruiters in Dubai to find that position for me?” I will tell you how!

Many job seekers approach recruitment agencies as if the recruiters will find employment for the candidates just out of kindness in their hearts. That’s not the case. Think of employment agencies as retailers, your profile is their merchandise. Using the advice that I’m about to give you to bring your profile from the “back” and put it right in the showroom or even in the display window right in front of shopping employers!

First, you must understand the following:

How Do Legitimate Dubai Recruitment Agencies Make Their Money?

The larger the package you get from your employer, the more money the employment agency that brokered the transaction makes. That’s how legitimate recruitment agencies get paid. Recruiters will help you get as high a salary as possible. They will tell you how high your potential employer might be willing to go. If they don’t, ask them.

Getting the Most Out of Dubai Recruiters

Now I will give you tips and information on the most effective ways to utilize recruitment agencies in Dubai and maximize the outcome of your efforts. First:

How to Make Dubai Recruitment Agencies Forward Your CV/Resume to Employers

Here is the wrong way that people usually use to approach recruitment agencies in Dubai:

Some people will scour the internet and go from Website to Website looking for the contact information of recruitment agencies and after having wasted so many hours they will have a list of 50 or so of the emails of recruitment agencies. They will then send their CV to the recruitment agencies and just wait, hoping for a phone call. Unfortunately, they never get it!

You may have experienced that yourself and you’re wondering why your efforts didn’t pay off.

Build a Relationship First

The real way to get a response from recruitment agencies and get them to work with you in order to find a job for you is establish direct relationship with them. Well, not with the agency, but with an individual recruiter who works there.

This is actually easier than it seems. Let me explain: in each recruitment agency there are several individual recruiters with each recruiter specializing in a specific industry; that’s a recruiter for finance and banking, recruiter for IT, recruiter for construction, etc. To get real results out of your job search effort, you should work directly and personally with the recruiter that specializes in your industry.

Resume Sending Tips

When you begin your relationship with a recruiter or a hiring manager, and you want to send your resume, you must follow these resume sending tips in order to increase your chances of getting a response.

List of Recruitment Agencies, Headhunters, and Executive Search Firms

On this page, you can access a comprehensive list of recruitment agencies and headhunters in Dubai.

Good luck!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. thanks!…nice page!

  2. hello dear/sir madam. i am from Ethiopia, having diploma in pharmacy and has been invilved in hospitality jobs in my part time since 2008.i want to work in these and other areas in dubai.
    the headache of mine is who will respond me to hire.

  3. Najib Barmawi says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve a Bsc degree in chemistry and m seeking about a work in UAE :(
    please any opportunity contact me on my e-mail:

  4. Muhammad Hamid says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was searching on internet and found your recruitment agency very useful for my career in UAE.

    I am now aiming to develop my career and looking for a challenging job that you will see in my qualification. My qualification is MBA (Finance), MA(Econ.), three (3) parts completed from ICMAP, Diploma in I.T and more than seven (7) years of proven experience in accounts & finance of multinational organisations in Pakistan.

    Thanks & regards

    M. Hamid
    Contact# 00971-558209433

    PS: My visa will expire on 8th June 2011, please contact me for employment as soon as possible, I am looking for a job here.

  5. Hi,

    I am Finance professional from Pune ( India ) and MBA having 9 years of experince in Finance. My husband is working in Dubai and Now i would like to move there hence I am looking for a job opportunities. I tried applying online jobs and sends mail also to some of the recruitment agencies but no response till date. I ahve seen your details to get in touch with recruitement agencies but it does not mean that all agencies whom i am contacting will have a finance job opportunity. Could you please advise me which agencies should I contact to get a finance job and how can I go ahead with the things…It is very urgent. Thanks in advance.

  6. Hello everyone
    My fiance is working in Dubai , and I want to move there as well , but I have no idea , how to find a job in my profession, because no offer here , I hope someone here could help me with advice where I can find it , I mean in security industry , maybe is any security agency there in Dubai , and I can go for any course there , then after course I could begin work . Im from London UK , all SIA licences I got and more ,

  7. Five Star Hotel says:

    I am Vicky Spore from Canada, Working with the Five Star Alliance Hotel Management; I wish to inform you about the placement of Hotel Jobs availability here in Canada. We seek Job-seekers, men and women, married and single, that would like to work and live in Canada .The Five Star Hotel will pay for your flight ticket and assist you to process your visa in your country of resident, if you are interested contact the secretary via E-mail :
    And we shall reach you with the Hotel information immediately.
    Vicky Spore

  8. nice topic
    but im curious about one thing : from where to find the recruiter personnel in the recruitment agency in order to make a relation with him/her ?

    any tips for that !


  9. Faraz Naim says:


    Currently I am working in Nokia Siemens Networks, India as a Circuit Switch Core R4 Mobile Networks working on MSS, HLR & MGW.
    I had also attended the ATCA & CCNA training in NSN and worked in different projects of DX200 & IPA2800 NSN products MSS & MGW commissioning & integration and troubleshooting, 3G Vodafone, MNP, software & Hardware up gradation. Having knowledge of Sigtran, SS7, Call flow & Protocols and also supporting for emergencies activities.
    I had also worked in Huawei Telecommunication as R4 Core Engineer worked on Huawei product MSOFTX3000 & UMG8900 (MSS & MGW).

    Thanks & regards,
    Faraz Naim

  10. Farooq Ahmed says:

    Dear Mentor,
    I Have done my MBA in Marketing and curently working as Assistant Manager Sales PTCL/ETISALAT UAE at Pakistan since last two years I have also experience of Office Manager for four years Now I plan to move to UAE for job and visiting in the fortcoming month of JUne will you please advice that what medium i used over there to find a job in UAE in sales sector and what will be the package Minimum and Maximum range please notify.

    Thanks alot


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  12. Peter Ochedi Abah says:


  13. Emrah Raza says:

    Hi everyone!,
    I’m actually looking for a Job in the UAE especially in Dubai.
    I am extremely fluent in German and English, I could work as a Customer Service Adviser as i can speak both languages.
    I didn’t find any agencies. Please let me know a.s.a.p as i want to move out from Europe!

    PS: My nationality is German(Mother tongue) and I live at the Moment in the UK.

  14. Dear all, raj from India am looking for HR jobs in dubai i hvae got 1.5 year experience in similar field, how can search for jobs plz help me guys…Reply

  15. Hello. This website it is excellent, well done. However, I have one question. How do I get to build a relationship with the recruiters? I have tried to email and call various recruiters. In both cases, they gave me exactly the same answer (that I should find the advertised job that interests me and apply for that specific job on the net). Please advise me on what I should do.

    Best regards,


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  18. can Somebody find me a job
    I am a physiotherapist with 2 years of expereince in INDIA with
    excellent academic records, looking for job in Shrajah or Dubai

    please do the needful


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    At the moment we will want to establish a business and agreement contract with a recruiting agency or institution that seek to help individuals get employed. We shall be grateful if you could initiate an agreement of contract with us. To this all labour needed shall be supplied by department of Ant Africa to those institutions and companies.

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  20. Jonathan says:


    I would like to know if there is any finance related jobs available as well as what the process is when i want to apply and most important do i need to be in the country to apply for the job?

  21. Hi, my husband is there in Dubai to explore oppurtunities in sales and marketing sector. I heard many consultancies are asking for money to get a job. can you help me in this regard?

  22. S Kayll says:


    I run a UK based search firm and we are currently working on some retained serch postions in the Middle East. I am looking for some additional research support. In the UK there are a number of companies that offer this servcie can you recommend any local suppliers? My preference is for a firm the operates in Technology but I will consider others. Many thanks Sebastian

  23. saagar burde says:

    may i kno are there any specific job agencies which are related to i.t. field. i m a fresher having sound knowledge in .net technologgies

  24. abimbola tijani says:

    i like to work in dubai

  25. Is there any jobs on cruise line or recruitment agency can help me,please!!!!thx

  26. hi im in doha qatar. i need job vecancy in dubai. i have good education background also. i came doha As IT sales. but I m not getting anything from this company. i need job. please who can help me to find a job. my salary expectation is 7000 Dhr. so if anyone can please find and sent me email.

    Thank you

  27. Hello!!
    I am currently working in India as a Junior Marketing Executive, for a Healthcare (Health Supplement) Company. I am seeking for open position in Sales or Marketing Domain in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. I am ready to relocate whenever required.Can anyone help me with this? You can have a look at my profile on LinkedIn [].
    Thanks a lot!!

  28. Naga Kiran says:

    i am naga kiran working in uae in a solar manufacturing company.I completed my B-tech.I was searching for IBM AIX/Tsm job in Uae.Help me please

  29. DAVE ANDERSON says:

    Dear Sir / Madam:

    Greetings from GREATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Services. an experienced and highly professional recruitment company trusted by some reputable international companies to provide manpower recruitment services.

    We provide manpower recruitment services in a wide variety of industries and provide skilled, unskilled, semi–skilled workers, professionals, hotel and hospitality workers, administrative staff and many others. Presently we serve companies in various parts of the world, namely the Middle East, Europeans countries, and Gulf Region, Hong Kong, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Libya, Kazakhstan, etc.

    GREATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Services, seeks a mutually beneficial long-terms partnership arrangement with foreign employers/principals in the field of human resources. We can initially start such arrangement upon provision of your manpower requirements and we can discuss terms and conditions as we believe we are in a good position to be of assistance in this aspect.

    We understand the challenges that you face in the recruitment of qualified personnel and we offer our experience, knowledge & commitment to deliver the services and manpower that meet your qualification requirements.

    Should you be interested to know more about our services, please email us at,

    We look forward to work with you. Thank you.

    Good wishes and best regards

    Dave Anderson

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  30. Haseeb Sheikh says:

    Hi there,

    can any one please help me in finding a good recruitment agency in Dubai with a reasonable track record of placements in the financial industry and preferably in the investment banking or asset management companies. I have completed all there levels of CFA program and awaiting charter.


    Haseeb Sheikh

  31. suresh kumar p says:

    Hi,Name is suresh kumar p,I have looking purchase job in dubia based good companies.I have more than 15 yrs experience in similar field.I can indipendently handle the procuremnet of consruction materials,engg material etc.

    looking your favorable suggestion


  32. Adesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    Adesh I apply pipeline gmaw 5G autometic welder machine operator sir your have job any autometic welder please contact my email m-9811572816
    Ofshore exp

  33. I am a B.Tech graduate in computer and science and engineering and have skills in PHP developing.
    Is there anu job vacancy in UAE?

  34. Philendran says:


    I am working in a construction company as a IT Technician uptp 5 years in Dubai.Because of the financial crisis our company don’t have projects & I need to change my job in same position(IT Field) in any company

    please help me

  35. Amborica Saikia Baruah says:


    I am currently working for an event company in JLT, Dubai and I thought of looking out for a better opportunities.In my quest to Job hunt I came across this website and it seems a very comprehensive and useful page.I am sure with its guidance I will be able to build my career in much more focus way…so looking forward to a better start….Thank you


    Deira, Dubai
    United Arab Emirates
    Mobile: +971 55 6878566
    +971 50 7491392


    “To be a professional in Finance, & Accounting utilizing the skills and knowledge, to help the organization achieve its goals & simultaneously accomplish career growth in the field of Finance and Accounting”

     Five years Knowledge driven experience in the field of computerized accounting
     Hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce.
     Highly proficient in accounting Software’s like SAP, Tally ERP, Peach Tree, Quick Books and MS Office Applications.
     A good team player with excellent interpersonal skills.
     Can multi-task & work under pressure and meet deadlines.

    Max Bogl Emirates LLC. , Dubai – UAE from June 2009 – To Date

    Accountant General
    Key Roles
    • Coordinating with Subcontractors.
    • Project cost maintaining different Cost Centre by projects wise.
    • Handling Subcontractor’s Retention and Advance Recovery.
    • Finalizing General Ledger Entries.
    • Posting the Local & Foreign Vendor(Supplier) Payment Entries.
    • Posting the Vendor Invoices.
    • Updating Bank PDC Statement.
    • Finalizing all the Pay-Roll Entries.
    • Invoicing to Different Joint Ventures.
    • Posting the all Receivable Entries.
    • Coordinating with Bank- All LG related Issues.
    • Preparing all the invoice and Payment Follow up and Preparations of cheques

    4 Homes FZ Co. Jebel Ali, Dubai – UAE from March 2007 – To June 2009

    Accounts Assistants
    Key Rol
    • Finalizing General Ledger Entries.
    • Posting the Local & Foreign Vendor(Supplier) Payment Entries.
    • Posting the Vendor Invoices.
    • Preparing cheques through Analyst cheque printing software.
    • Handling Petty cash and Accounting Transaction in system.
    • Finalizing all the Pay-Roll Entries..
    • Preparing accounts with stock.
    • Salary register and voucher.
    • Files updating handling document & releasing delivery orders.
    • Coordinating with field agents.
    • Preparing all the invoice and Payment Follow up and Preparations of cheques
    • Handling Export Documentation.

    NEW WAVE GENT. Trading (LLC), Dubai, UAE October 2006 – February 2007

    Accounts Assistants
    Key Roles

    • Arranging and maintaining books of accounts.
    • Preparing and submitting invoices
    • Preparing bank reconciliation statement.
    • Payment follow up and Preparations of cheques
    • Drafting Letters/ Mails.
    • Handling Incoming / Outgoing faxes.

    RAGHAVEDRA CHARTED ACCOUNTANT, Mangalore, India. May 2005- June 2006

    Trainee Accountant
    Key Roles
    • Preparation of day and ledger of Companies.
    • Filling Income Tax Returns.
    • Handle general account systems and procedure
    • Filling of Sales Tax Returns.
    • Preparation year ending schedule for audit

    • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) From BADRIA FIRST GRADE COLLEGE, Mangalore, India. ( affiliated to Mangalore University in the year of 2005)
    • Pre University Degree From Karnataka PU Board, India
    • Financial Accounting Form MICE

    • SAP
    • Tally ERP 9.0, 7.2.
    • Peach Tree
    • Focus Accounting
    • Quick Books
    • Analyst Cheque Printing.
    • Pharmacy Software
    • Ms – Dos , Windows 3.1, 95 & 2000,
    • Ms – Office 2007 & 2010 Word, Ms – Excel,Ms Power Point,
    • Ms Access, Internet & Email.

    • Participated Inter-College Cricket Championship
    • Member of Sports Committee and Cultural Committee in college.
    • Hosted Genesis Quiz Contest and Crossfire Debate in Preston College.


    Name : Thanzeel BM
    Nationality : Indian
    DOB : 22nd March 1984
    Marital status : Married.
    Language Known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Basic Arabic
    Visa status : Employment
    NOC : Available
    UAE Driving License : Under Process


  37. aarat patel says:

    i am visiting dubai on holiday but will also be looking for job there.. been in to Business Development for IT services for few years now and am hoping to find jobs in same field


  38. naseem molana says:

    i’m maulana …. so i was looking any good country to move…. sp plz let me know if you have any vaccant.





  40. hello sir /mam,
    i am a mba fresher (marketing), i am looking for a job in dubai. can any one help me out , how can i cget the work done ? i already have agencies contact number. Is it good to work there in dubai being a fresher???

    seeking for your reply….


    vimal baranwal.

  41. Looking for a job in computer Hardware & Networking in UAE.Currently working in a company as a Desktop Technician in Dubai
    Contact No:0501482201

  42. Please contact me. Iam in Dubai.

    Mob: +97155 6878566

  43. its shit everywhere fake jobs and fake peoplz ……anywayz im biomedical engineer working in riyadh right now wanna relocate to dubia any1 can help me out with the information i can install and programmed medical equipment and also hav sales experience my number is 00966566943017 and e mail

  44. ahmad zoubi says:

    i need specialined carpenters who are able to work on machineo and able to paint wood work in ksa riyadh

  45. Nafees Siddiqui says:

    Hi all,

    I aim at being a professional in communication and customer support and reputation with clients, to gain experience at your company, using my analytical skills and commitment to perform quality work. Seeking a challenging position in your company where I can enhance my skills and Experience.and i am currently working in India with GENPACT BPO under WELLS FARGO BANK OF US .and i have also three yers exprience in BPO sector now i need job in dubai.
    I am not sure if there were specific recruitment companies i should be looking into. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Nafees Siddiqui
    Mob.+91 8800850102

  46. shamshuddin s m says:

    dear sir am a indian passport holder am workd in dubai 8.yer driver now am looking job in austrolia can u arenge the austrolia any job ya any visa ya visit visa anything by sha

  47. ashraf ullah says:

    hi sir
    this is ashraf ullah, from bangladesh i was working ksa fawaz al-hokairgroup,a multinatinal fashion retials company 2001 to 2008 as a store manager now i am loking for jobs in uae any fashio retial company becous i have 7years experienc about all kind of fashion retial brands so ples how can i am find semolar jobs in uae thanks?

  48. Hi,

    Me and my wife just went to a company called Western Global in Ajman for a job application. A representative there asked us for 200 aed (Refundable), She said that she will forward the application to her manager. Is it okay to give money to recruitment agencies?



  49. Rana kashif says:

    hi dear sir. I am rana Muhammad kashif.i am Multi Welders (SMAW GTAW)for pipeing i have over ten years experience.5 years experience in UAE i looking for job in DUBAI
    would greatly appreciate immeditely to
    Rana Kashif

  50. jayesh mohan says:

    hi i have total 8yrs gcc experience in facility management. presently iam working in doha,qatar and would like to go back my favourite dubai. if any job is there pls feel free to contact me