Guide to Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Understand How Dubai Recruitment Agencies Operate To Exploit Them

Don’t you wish there were a way to get recruiters in Dubai work hard to find a job that’s just right for you? You must be wondering: “with all the opportunities in Dubai, there got to be a company and a position that is just right for me. How can get recruiters in Dubai to find that position for me?” I will tell you how!

Many job seekers approach recruitment agencies as if the recruiters will find employment for the candidates just out of kindness in their hearts. That’s not the case. Think of employment agencies as retailers, your profile is their merchandise. Using the advice that I’m about to give you to bring your profile from the “back” and put it right in the showroom or even in the display window right in front of shopping employers!

First, you must understand the following:

How Do Legitimate Dubai Recruitment Agencies Make Their Money?

The larger the package you get from your employer, the more money the employment agency that brokered the transaction makes. That’s how legitimate recruitment agencies get paid. Recruiters will help you get as high a salary as possible. They will tell you how high your potential employer might be willing to go. If they don’t, ask them.

Getting the Most Out of Dubai Recruiters

Now I will give you tips and information on the most effective ways to utilize recruitment agencies in Dubai and maximize the outcome of your efforts. First:

How to Make Dubai Recruitment Agencies Forward Your CV/Resume to Employers

Here is the wrong way that people usually use to approach recruitment agencies in Dubai:

Some people will scour the internet and go from Website to Website looking for the contact information of recruitment agencies and after having wasted so many hours they will have a list of 50 or so of the emails of recruitment agencies. They will then send their CV to the recruitment agencies and just wait, hoping for a phone call. Unfortunately, they never get it!

You may have experienced that yourself and you’re wondering why your efforts didn’t pay off.

Build a Relationship First

The real way to get a response from recruitment agencies and get them to work with you in order to find a job for you is establish direct relationship with them. Well, not with the agency, but with an individual recruiter who works there.

This is actually easier than it seems. Let me explain: in each recruitment agency there are several individual recruiters with each recruiter specializing in a specific industry; that’s a recruiter for finance and banking, recruiter for IT, recruiter for construction, etc. To get real results out of your job search effort, you should work directly and personally with the recruiter that specializes in your industry.

Resume Sending Tips

When you begin your relationship with a recruiter or a hiring manager, and you want to send your resume, you must follow these resume sending tips in order to increase your chances of getting a response.

List of Recruitment Agencies, Headhunters, and Executive Search Firms

On this page, you can access a comprehensive list of recruitment agencies and headhunters in Dubai.

Good luck!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. alexandra suchankova says:

    Dear company,
    Our /slovak/ recruitment agency would like to start co-orporate with Dubai agencies, its possible to obtain more information?

    • ANNA CLEVE says:

      1005 RUE GUY
      CANADA : TEL; +15092956826
      Attn: Human Resources Dept.

      We hire in conformance with Canadian laws, excellent rates, flexible working hours and bonus payments.Applicant has to be an honest, hardworking, be conversant in English, punctual, and courteous.We only recruit applicant for 3year contract agreement.Salary:Salary + Comm’s + Bonus + Car Allowance + Finance Location: Canada TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SALARY AND PROCESSING TIME, VISA PROCESSING AND WORKING PERMIT.KINDLY CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR PHONE CALL [Human Resources Dept] Receptionist, Wine Waiter, Accountant Assistant, Food Beverage Manager, Sales Assistant, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Assistant Cook, Assistant Catering Supervisor, Room Cleaner, Laundry Worker,

      Security Guard, Bus Driver, Pool Cleaner, Car Washer, Front Desk Clerk.
      Kindly provide me with the below information as a requirement for the job and visa processing;
      1) Full Name As It Appears In Your Valid International Passport.
      2) Valid International Passport Number.
      3) Type Of Job Applying For?
      4) Your Country Of Residence At Present.
      5) Your Passport Holder Nationality.
      6) Scan Copy Of Passport Photograph recently Taken
      7) Your CV/Resume For Higher Post

      Best Regards,
      DR. PUAL COLLINS :TEL:+01031876280
      Hotel Manager(Human Resources Dept)
      For assistance, please call our Reservations Manager
      (Monday – Fridays during office hours) at
      send us an email:

    • Danish Ahmed says:

      Having 9 years of industry experience in FMCG and Oil & Gas sector supply chain segment.I am working as Supply Chain Manager in Weatherford Oil Tool M.E- Dubai and looking for a better job opportunity in Dubai.

  2. Hi Alexandra, I have received a few requests of similar nature. I think your best bet is to use the list of 50 recruitment agencies that we provide to contact those agencies and explore possible partnership opportunities with them.

    Good luck,

    • Hi Safi

      how can i get the list of recruitment agencies there in dubai sir? partnership is i need i have recruitment agency here in the Philippines.

      Thanks Sir

    • @alisha & Others
      Hi guys…I am from India having done my MBA in Finance and passing out with 71% on an aggregate.
      I am well versed with the Financial applications and perceive enhanced knowledge in the same.
      I have also performed various projects on financial topics like venture financing,Investment decisions,etc.
      I am here looking for a designated job but i am unable 2 find one that will boost my career or that will suit me the best according to my professional skills.
      I would be extremely thankful n grateful if anybody would lend me their hand of asssistance.
      Thank You.

    • i wont to work in dubai im lebanese pharmacist

    • Dear Sofi,

      Could you help me on the recruitment matter. The brief introduction of our company is below.

      Greetings from Radium International !!

      It’s our great pleasure to introduce our company “Radium International Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.” having the Nepal Government License No. 968/067/68, who recruits the Nepalese workers in the overseas countries as the foreign worker. As our company is established with the mutual collaboration and co-ordination of the expertise, we are very reliable and grand source of the workers who are varied from the highly skilled to the non-skill. In the present scenario, there is rapid growth of the unemployed population in Nepal, so Nepalese workers are highly attracted for the employment to the overseas countries for the betterment of owns life and career.

      Our team is fusion with the university academia and scholar in the same field. In this regard, I would like to request, if you have any need of foreign workers for your company, we are always ready to provide you the best service by supplying the most effective, so called skilled, having the better sense of work knowledge, good experience, genuine, hardworking and laborious workers. We like to assure on the reliability and accuracy on us and I believe, our service to you and your company will certainly pave the new way and be the boon for you on reaching the height of Business Empire.

      We wish, you will have the positive response on us and will certainly remember us in your any need of workers.

      For the more information regarding us, please visit our website:

      Best regards,
      Surya Bahadur Pandey
      Radium International Employment Service Pvt. Ltd
      New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
      Mobile : +977 9851124921
      Phone No. 00977-1-4104110, Fax. No. 00977-1-4104124

  3. alex mutugi says:

    thank you for your recommendable services i would like much to receive all the employment vacancies posted through my email looking forward to my sincere request

  4. I don’t know how to react. I don’t want to over-react to life’s reality, but the U.A.E i used to learn about in my social studies textbooks in my childhood days has definitely changed……….a lot, I suppose.
    And defining “Humanity” is getting difficult by the day in this dog-eat-dog millenium.
    All said and done, thanks, people for sharing your bad experiences with me, especially, as i have just come to this country last month.

  5. arone nhabanga says:

    my name arone from south aerica i em lukink eor jobs in dubai i em contract facility i work so many diferent country please ahu u can help me.

    • hi arone,this is alisha from india.I have many vacancies in telecom,merchant navy sector.In which ur salary is 8000$-50000$,if u r interested then send me ur resume in my email id i-e

    • Alisha,

      I would like to know if you are still with recruitment. I am looking for Dubai openings in IT sector. I have 12 yrs IT experience.


    • @Alisha,
      Im from India, I have good experience in IT sector. please replay here if you can help me to get a job in qatar

  6. I am an Architect in California with 5 years of experience at top architectural offices. Have knowledge of latest 2D 3D software. Graduated from one of the best architectural schools in the world. Looking for a job in Dubai. If someone can help me find something please email.


  7. EDDY BANDA says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I am interested in to have a job in Dubai, would you be so kind to give any advices or instructions about it?
    Best regards

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hi Eddy,

      Your request is very broad. This whole website is made with the intention to answer this broad question. If you have a specific aspect that’s causing you confusion, perhaps I could point you in the right direction.



      Enbrook Park ,
      Sandgate Folkestone,
      Kent , CT20 3SE
      United Kingdom

      We want to use this medium to inform you that vacancies is now on, so therefore do let us know if you have an interest in working in any of the areas in which The Spirit of Adventure Offers, from restaurant, Office-work, to child care:

      *Au pair/Babysitting,
      *First Engineer
      *2nd Engineer/mate,
      *Stew work,
      *Fork Lifter,
      *First Mate,
      *Truck Drivers,
      *Room Srvice Attender
      *Computer Operator
      *Chef Stew,
      *3rd Engineer/Mate,
      *Site Workers.

      Job Salary:

      Depending on your roll of specialization, Salary Ranging from 3,500.00GBP – 7,500.00GBP or negotiable and we shall take care of your Transportation expenses, Accommodation, feeding and a month training on arrival. If you are interested to work with us in any position,please kindly send your resume to us via e-mail ( immediately with your personal details
      including your roll of profession/Skill of Specialization.

      Mr.Raymond Turner Culkins
      Recruiting Officer.

  8. maureen says:

    i would like to know if there’s an agency there named al ma’reedh services?

    • Hi Maureen, we aren’t aware of an agency of that name. That doesn’t mean that it definitely doesn’t exist though.

  9. Danish Rasheed says:

    Hi Guys!

    Danish Rasheed Again, i was going through today with all the new posts, i want to bring Attention to Mr.Safi here that now the need of the time is to have a “Hall of Shame” for all those dirty con Artists out there. We can have their names numbers and all the online listings on that page so people can give reference and save their hard earned money, because of the Recession everyone is searching for a job, so people are desperate and in desperate situations, you sometimes overlook the negetive points. Also it will be the platform for Good Agencies where other people can advise an agency who is really doing good work. Please work on it, if you need That Pages Moderator i am willing to offer my services without any charge and i am sure many like me would be willing to contribute without any return,

    May Allah Subhana~Wa~Tallah Be Pleased with all your efforts. Aameen

    Danish Rasheed

  10. We are one of hte medical company in dubai and looking for REcruitment agency providing qualified medical staff. apreciate if you could send us list of recruitment agency on this field.

  11. I am plaaning to visit Dubai by frist week of October, exploring career opportunities in IT sales roles, I bring 5 yeras of global business development expereince, based in Bangalore.
    Can i know the current IT market trends in the middle east,

    1. Does it make sense starting my search on visit visa?
    2. How can i tap opportunities in internet city, Dubai?
    3. What are the indicative salary range for IT sales roles in Dubai?

    your thoughts would be appreciated.


    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yes, you can definitely start your search on a visit visa. You’ll have to exit the country though and come back in order to change your visa. You cannot change it from within the UAE.

      To tap into opportunities of Dubai Internet City (DIC), I’d recommend that you use the free guide that we provide on researching companies. You’ll be able to uncover a lot of information on DIC companies.

      As for your salary, we also provide a guide that can help you easily determine your salary.

      Good luck,


    • Good Day,
      We want to use this medium to inform you that vacancies is now on, so therefore do let us know if you have an interest in working in any of the areas in which The Spirit of Adventure Offers, from restaurant,Yacht/Shipping/Engineering,Architectural Work,Mechanical Jobs, Office-work, to child care:
      as a Result of the expansion in the Company we are looking for young and able crew members to work with us in the New year.
      contact the Human Resource Head on the email address provided below.

  12. Rashid Mehmood says:

    m rashid having total 6 year software developer exp out of which 3 years in uae
    these days m jobless searching for a job.plz help me out that if i will get a membership(paid one) with a recruitment agency it wil increase my chane of getting a job???? is it true that all the jobs r not published on recruitment agencies websites ???? there r jobs for which recruitment agencies distribute CV’s of paid candidtes only.
    waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Rashid,

      The problem is this: there are obvious ways to look for a job. For example, apply to job postings online. But because these ways are obvious, everybody is using them. Because everybody is using them, there is too much competition and noise, so it is difficult to get noticed.

      Then — there are other not-so-obvious ways to look for a job. These other methods are very easy, but not everybody uses them because they don’t know about them. With these other methods, jobseekers get a much better response.

      I don’t think paying a recruitment agency a fee will increase your chances.

      Best regards,


  13. Hi,
    We are a manpower supply company in Vietnam. We are now looking for agency that can cooperate with us in placement job and making visa and work permit for Vietnamese workers.

    If you have addresses of recruitment agency in Dubai, Uae.., please help contact us.
    Hope to get the help from you
    Thank you very much
    Mr Michael

    • Hi Mr. Michael,

      You can find a list of accessible agencies in this page: /recruitment-agencies/list/.

      See which ones suit you and contact them.

      Best regards,


    • Good Day,
      We want to use this medium to inform you that vacancies is now on, so therefore do let us know if you have an interest in working in any of the areas in which The Spirit of Adventure Offers, from restaurant,Yacht/Shipping/Engineering,Architectural Work,Mechanical Jobs, Office-work, to child care:
      as a Result of the expansion in the Company we are looking for young and able crew members to work with us in the New year.
      contact the Human Resource Head on the email address provided below.

    • akram zohdy says:

      Dear Mr,Raymond,

      i attach the c.v to yours from two day and you send me the application and inform me that iam accepted primary and on monday you will inform me any update.

    • Singapore, a garden city, is ranked one of the best country to live and work in.
      We are a Singapore licenced employment agency for foreigners seeking a better career. We work with many Singapore employers from all industries for their recruitment needs.
      We are now seeking:
      1) Service Officer with Electrical experience, speaks good English and have car driving licence (foreign country acceptable too). Basic salary + allowance.
      2) Thailand workers for construction industry. Experience in brick laying, plastering, and tiles laying. Worker need to have SEC (Skill Evaluation Certificate)
      We also welcome foreign employment agencies to supply us trained and experienced workers.
      Applicants, please email your latest resume with photos to with your latest resume and photo.

      ZecruitX Pte. Ltd.
      Cross sectors recruiting with Zest!(tm)

  14. Dear Mohammed

    Hello. My name is Vasilis and I live in Athens, Greece. I’m interested in job opportunities in the wider area of UAE. I hold BSC and MSC degrees in Electrical engineering from the Univ.of Colrado and a PhD degree in Apllied MAth and Telecom form the Univ. of Athens. I have unique experience (15+ yeras) in Innovative and Hi-Tech projects. Also Post-Doctorate studies as well. Also unique experience in Space Business due to Goverment duties. (4+ years in Space communications policies). Also have published in prestigious scinetific journals.
    Any hints please??

  15. Ed Tanudtanud says:

    Hi Mohammed!

    We are an Australian company with offices here in Dubai and would like to work with Mr. Michael of Vietnam.

    Our team is really on the look out of counterparts in Asia to cooperate with in recruitment activities.

    Would appreciate if you can forward our contact details to him.

    best regards,
    Ed Tanudtanud
    Senior Consultant

    • Hi Ed,

      I’ve shared your contact details with Mr. Michael. You were copied on the email as well.

      Best regards,


    • Vikrant says:

      Hi Ed Tanudtanud,

      I am Vikrant from V-Enable Management Consultants based up in India and i would like to know whether you are interested to take quality Man-power from India. Please let me know asap, so that we will discuss.

      Thanks & Rgds,
      Vikrant N

  16. Nguyen Thanh Son says:

    We are the leading agency in Vietnam for 6G welders’ supply to UAE. We are looking for partners. Pls contact us
    Thank you
    Nguyen Thanh Son

    • Hi Nguyen,

      Check out this page for a list of recruitment agencies in Dubai. Feel free to contact them to explore partnership opportunities…



    • Mubasher Tauqir says:

      We are the leading firm in Lahore Pakistan deal in Canadian Immigration. Welders are highly demanded for immigration. Any services regarding that, feel free to contact us.

      Mubasher Tauqir

  17. I am a Quality Management specialist looking to move into a senior position and am writing to enquire whether anyone might be looking for someone to either implement ISO9001:2008 or for someone to effectively manage your existing Quality Management System.

    In my previous role as Head of Quality I implemented a Quality Management System from the ground up across 10 different Business Units comprising over 120 different Standard Operating Procedures. I was solely responsible for ensuring that the company was certified to ISO9001:2008 and achieved this important milestone for Transguard in November 2008 with no non-conformances.

    I established a full fledged Quality Department whose daily operations and staff I managed. I monitored and maintained the company Quality Management System in order to ensure compliance to the company’s standard operating procedures and international standards. I also monitored the company’s Quality Objectives and KPIs and ensured full compliance to the ISO standard across the board. I also conducted a series of company-wide Quality Awareness training sessions for over 500 staff from across a range of cultures.

    If anyone knows of any positions, please let me know.

  18. Hello ………

    Myself Ajay Vellat wish to explore the Recruitmen oppurtunities in UAE. I was working in Bangalore,India since last month currently here in search for an exciting roles.

    Have 4 years in IT Recruitment …can anybody suggest how to go about …


    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hello Ajay,

      Try to make a list of companies you like to work with, then try to reach their hiring managers. You will definitely see results.


  19. I have 9+ years of experience in Banking, specialized in collections & Credit. Now i am planning to move to Dubai. Regards,

  20. Hi! Thank you os much for all these tips. I’ve just begun my search for a job in UAE and all these are extremely helpful.
    As a recent MA postgraduate with about 3 years experience in procurement and finance before the study period, what chances do you think I might have?
    I’m a Romanian national with British MA.
    Thanks so much for the advice!


  21. Mohammod chowdhury says:

    Mr Safi,
    I am from London, part qualified ACCA. I am desperately looking jobs to move at UAE. I already enroled with some online recruitment agencies. I am continuously applying jobs. Unfortunately I am not receiving any positive or negetive reply.
    If you please give some local recruitment agencies address specially for accounting and finance that would be fantastic. For your kind information I am planning to visit UAE at January 2011. Thanking you

  22. Muhammad Asif Ali says:

    Greeting All,

    I would like to relocate in Gulf/Dubai/UK Region to build my exposure in the field of Human Resources Management.
    I would like to give my brief introduction of Education and Experiences. I have completed Graduation {BABS)in Brand Management & Human Resources Management from University of wales Institute of Cardiff, Post Graduated (MBA) in International Business and Human Resources Management as on Scholarship candidate from same University(UWIC).Also have completed Business development skills/Human Resources Management Certificate from City University London.
    Currently i am working as Visiting Faculty Member in Indus Institute of Engineering & Technology.
    I have also worked in Silver Surgical Complex Pvt Limited(Chandiwala Group of Companies) Karachi as a HR Manager.
    I have also completed Graduate management Trainee program from TESCO (Retail Chain) in UK and held different position in Five years of Tesco service.

    Kindly prefer my CV or forward to your contacts for any suitable position in Dubai/Saudia/Gulf/UK.

    I hope you will do all your level best.

    Feel free to contact me.

    Kind Regards,
    Muhammad Asif Ali
    Skype ID: fazabali

    • Dear Sir,
      I saw your post on web regarding Employement Visa for outside pakistan.i am student Visa Counselor i want to do work with you please can you send me all detail?
      I hope you wil send me all detail.


  23. Naveen Devnani says:


    I am Naveen Devnani! I am woking with Bank of America from the last 4 years as a Team Developer in India. I am interestd in wrking for banking sector in UAE!! Could u pls let me know if there are any suitable openings for me!Looking forward fr yur reply! I could be reached at


  24. Hello,

    I am well educated BS in Marketing and Fianance (Marquette) and an executive MBA (Stanford); plus a CPA.

    Experience includes Senior Partnership in Andersen / Accenture; President of US Bancorp AFSC Business Unit (1100 branches) and CEO of two succesful start up companies (Inc 500 – fastest growing in the USA).

    My career has been mostly international: Canada, Western Europe, Middle East, India. In addition to operstions my markting and sales skills are wel polished and I have generated successful global campaigns.

    Please email any opportunities as I am interested in a 5-7 year program in the Middle East. I maintain dual citizenship.

  25. Mohammad Saleem says:

    Dear Company/Agency/Sector

    I have done my post graduation in HR, presently working as Asst: Manger HR, in a Medical Institute and Hospital, well i have also experience in a administration,Management, Event Management, Accounts. about for 6 years.

    I am interested to Join reputable institute/organization/company in Dubai/Saudi/(Gulf)

    Feel free to contact me
    Mohammad Saleem

  26. Hello,

    I am working in international relations with 13 years of experience in Europe, US and Africa. I do speak 4 foreign languages (English, French, Italian and Russian). Have checked Job Sites list but don’t see many international/regional think tank organizations. I would appreciate your advice for a job in Dubai.



  27. Hello,

    I possess a degree for Masters in Business Administration (Finance). with 7+ years corporate experience which also contains accounting and administration.

    Presently working as an ERP Accountant in a Utility company (Gas Provider). Well i have also experience in a administration,Management, Event Management, and HR matters for the 5 years.

    Please let me know if there are any suitable openings for me!I am interested to Join reputable company in Dubai.


    Correspondence :

  28. Hi i am majid, MBA with 3 years of experience in sales and administration and 2 years of expereience as sap sd junior consultant . I am looking for the job in Dubai/’Sharjah/Abudhabhi in any sector which matches my profile. Earlier i have visited to dubai on visit during the month of may to july but unfortunately i was not succeded in the job hunt. please let me know is there any job for me to work in uae and if not can i visit again for job hunt.

    contact email

  29. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have experience in Manpower Recruitment Field and was employed in many manpower agencies in Kuwait and Sri Lanka.I wish to work in a Dubai manpower agency and some one help me please.

  30. sathish radhakrishnan says:


    I am working for a brokerage company for last 8 months. Looking for a free zone company or banking and insurance company for the manager job.

    Having 18 years of experience in the banking and insurance company in India and 8 months in the dubai as a Wealth Manager.

    Kindly send me the consultant or recruitment agencies list where they can provide me the services to place me.

    Looking forward your support and cooperation at the earliest.

    Thanking you,


    Sathish Radhakrishnan

  31. Hello!

    I am looking for opportunities in Dubai and I have been having such a hard time finding work. I am currently looking for marketing or management opportunities. I have over 10 years of experience throughout the marketing field. I am not sure if there were specific recruitment companies i should be looking into. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You,


  32. jasvinder singh says:

    Hello respected sir/madam
    Manpower from INDIA.
    We are leading, Gov’t approved manpower agency in India.
    We are supplying domestic workers including Housemaids, helper
    (labors) and Drivers to all countries.
    We have been supplying all type of Indian workers such as High Skilled manpower – Engineers, Oversears,
    1. Pipe Fitter
    2. Pipe Fabricator
    3. Welder as ( SMAW, GTAW, COMBINATION )
    4. F/M Welding
    5. F/M Fabrication
    6. C/H Welding
    7. C/H Fabricator
    8. QC Inspector (Piping)
    9. QC Inspector ( Welding )
    10. Q/C Inspector ( Painting )
    11. Q/C Inspector ( E & I )
    12. Piping Engineer
    13. Sr. QC Engineer
    14. Equipment Engineer
    15. Painter
    16. Isolator
    17. Electrical
    18. Operatol Panel
    19.All Departement
    Skilled & semi – skilled workers – Heavdy duty drivers (
    Including Dozer/crane operator) and light drivers,
    Plumbers etc,
    Semi Skilled & Unskilled workers for Constructions worker all, Factory workers all, farms workers all,
    Cleaners labors,
    Hospital workers all,
    Restaurent workers all,
    Catering workers all,
    Marine workers all,
    Security Guards
    and other categories which are not mentioned here also. Most of overseas employers know well about that Indian workers are well known for their hard work, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities & Comparatively Indian Workers are best and economically suit to the employer also.
    Being a licensed agency from Indian, We undertake complete responsibility to recruit any category of personnel from Indian. We are interest to join hand with your agency for supplying Indian workers as per the requirement.
    If we got a chance from you to supply workers to your reputed company, we are sure to keep our promise to complete the job as per the given terms and conditions by you. It would be our convenience to get reply from you whatever you is interest with us or not.
    Note: we want to business with you both sides mutual profit business
    Hoping to get your reply at your earliest.

    contact immediately to:

    Best regards : JP sharp recruitment agency FROM INDIA.

  33. Mohammed Azmal Hossain says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are Shipping & Crewing Company in Bangladesh . Since 1998 we are working in this field with entire satisfaction of our valued overseas principal & clients. Presently we are supplying our competent seamen to Iran, India, Malaysia, Singapore & UAE Shipping Companies. We can provide crew from all categories for your any type of good vessel.

    We recruits STCW certified & trained seamen as well as skill & professional to work in deep sea, off shore, NCV, Tug, Cruise vessel & ferry. We are also supplying ship yard worker like welder, fitter etc.

    We shall be highly obliged if you try us once our ability to supply competent seamen & services for your unique company.

    We shall wait for your kind advises in these regards.

    With kind regards,
    Mohammed Azmal Hossain
    Managing Director

    Hossain Trade-Ship Agencies
    No. 9, 2nd Fl. City Corp Market
    South Halishahr, Bandartila
    Chittagong – 4218,Bangladesh
    Tel/Fax: 00880-31-624625
    Mob: 00880-181-4815444

    • Vikrant says:

      Dear Mr. Mohammed Azmal Hossain,

      I am Vikrant from V-Enable Management Consultants based up in India and i would like to know whether you are interested to take quality Man-power from India. Please let me know asap, so that we will discuss.

      Thanks & Rgds,
      Vikrant N

  34. shahzore ali says:


    I am Looking for SEO Manager Job in Dubai Anyone Can help me. I will be thankful to you.

    i have given my linkedin profile so that you can review it and help me in a better way. please do send me any opportunity so that i will send my resume according.

    I will be thank ful to all of you.


    Warm Reagrds
    Shahzore Ali

  35. i am a banker with I.T backgroun & Core Banking Software implementation experience, i would like to work in UAE OR SAUDIA if someone provide me the job according to my experience for this i will be very thankful to him or her…


    Karachi, Pakistan

  36. salimon bello says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please assist us by select 15 candidate from your country as Hotel services (cleaner) on behalf of our employer located in London (UK).

    The employer inform us to select 15 candidate as Cleaner from Asia for 2years contract with salary £ 550 pound weekly with Full accommodation and health care throughout the contract period.

    But since our office located here in africa this make us contact your agent as manpower recruitment agent to assits us to select cleaner from your side and our lawful partner agent in your country for long and good relation .

    Thanking you,


    Mr Salimon Bello


    • manoj singh says:

      hi friends all catering side suppliers n deck side but ur respose .thn suppliers my compant

  37. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me if there is a recruiting agent for Biomedical Engineers in UAE

    I need a start as am a fresher please help me out

    Best regards,
    Balaji Sampath

  38. Hi, can you please forward me a sample of a headhunter contract with their clients.

    We are an International Engineering and High Technology Consultancy Company who recently opened our Middle East office. I want to know how much is the going rate for headhunters in the region.

    Thank you in advance.

  39. HI,

    I am a Biotechnology Professional, seeking for open positions in Biotech/Pharma industry. Can anyone help me to get to the recruitment agencies who also helps the life sciences people to get a good job. I am willing to work in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Currently in India but can relocate if required.

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Wael Said Elmelegy says:

    Wael Said Abdelazeem Elmelegy

    Tel. Number: 00971501017840
    Email Address
    Egypt Number: 0020178112587

    Date of birth: 25/01/1982
    Nationality: Egyptian.
    Religion: Moslem.
    Establish: Employment at The Ritz-Carlton DIFC

    My Objective is to do a very good job each and every day. I am very hard-working, very positive. Whatever I do, I do it to my best.

    June 2001: Diploma of tourism and hotels.
    May 2008: Haccap awareness training.
    April 2008: The basic food hygiene training course
    Present Front Desk, The Ritz-Carlton DIFC
    2009 to 2010 CID & Receptionist Cove Rotan a Ras Al Khaima UAE.
    2007 to 2009 Server at The Ritz-Carlton Sharm El Sheik, Egypt
    2001 to 2006 Captain at Pile Vista Resort Ghurgada, Egypt
    1999 to 2000 Food beverage department Marriott.
    Computer skills:
    1. Opera Version 5
     Fully Trained in Front Office Operations on Opera
     Handling Night Audit
     Handling check-in, checkouts, billing, accounting reports etc.
    2. U.A.E. CID System (English and Arabic)
    3. Concierge Assistant Program
    4. Windows – Excel – Power point

    Arabic: (Mother tongue, Spoken and written).
    English: Fluent (spoken and written)

    Upon request.

  41. Dear All,

    I am a from India and came to Dubai in the hope to find a job here and secure my financial future, however, my dreams have shattered miserably. I received a call from CORE ELEMENTS recruitment agency informing me for a walk-in interview thou, it was taken by one of their own team member. After the interview, the lady asked for AED 300 and promised to give a job within 7 days. Its more than a month now, i have not heard from them. Out of sheer desperation for a job, i call the recruitment agency umpteen times, but my calls either go unanswered or i am given a reason the person who took my interview is on leave or has afternoon shift. After few days i get another call from another person from CORE ELEEMENTS asking me to come for the interview (to extract more money)

    Guys, be careful, be very careful there are a lot of con men here.

    Secondly, its the Muslim expats from India illtreating another indian of different community.

  42. Diana Kavi says:

    İ liked this web-site very much, a lot of usefull information, only i can’t understand
    how to establish relationship with recruiter, because usually they don’t give such kind of information on their sites and how İ can learn who of them is specializes in my industry.İf only try to make it by telefon call. And also i am so much “surprised” by people who asking questions about information which already published here so much detailed or write smth like “i am looking for job, please help me”. And thank you for this very good site

  43. hello,
    This is Mr. Nit From India Now The time working with very
    big brand of world THE NATURES CO. as research & Development Officer.
    & Searching for job in cosmetics or perfumery industry.
    i saw your profile its great i thing i am able to handle the things which actually you looking for that & am happy to join you . i am sending you here my update CV. you will see & reply me in same. ASAP you have possible.
    eagerly Waiting your Reply–

    Research & Development Executive.

  44. alexey lapshin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I can deliver leased instruments to Organisations or individuals with their preferred text verbiage as been approved by their bankers. We also offer sales option to interested buyers. Our terms and procedures are so flexible and workable by RWA clients. Our lease rate is (5.5+0.5)%+x%. X% IS Lessee broker’s Commission and he determines his commission. Also we have facilities to discount BG and Put you into PPP Trading.

    Contact me through this email:(,, or through
    skype: (alexey.lapshin2) in other to furnish you with other information.

  45. Hi,

    i have been looking for a job since i gave birth and needed some time with her to be strong and fix her in a daycare.
    i have experience as a sales and customer service for 5years and also 4years as a personal assistant. its been hard getting back to a job since then ans i ah\\have been asked to bring money on several ocassions by some job agents with no results. Can someone help me out here.

  46. Hi, I am a banking professional seeking for employment opportunities in Dubai. Can you recommend helpful sites that are responsive to applications? thanks.

  47. Hi, my name is Najaf. I have been applying for various job position since last year and have not heard anything from agencies. What i am doing wrong? Can anyone advise me how to apply properly?

  48. Naveed says:

    Hi, i am 28 years old from Pakistan looking for a computer/data Entry Job in UAE with experience of 4-5 years anyone can guide me in this respect. thanks.

  49. Rashied abdallah matamu says:

    Iam a kenyan male aged 30.looking for a job in dubai.i have over ten years experience as community health worker working with inter’n.g.o’s.if u could please help me I would greatly appreciate immeditely to.0724308451

  50. Hello!

    I am looking for Dubai Jobs opportunities and I have been having such a hard time finding work. I am currently looking for marketing or management opportunities. I have over 10 years of experience throughout the marketing field. I am not sure if there were specific recruitment companies i should be looking into. If you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You,