Using LinkedIn To Land a Great Job in Dubai

LinkedIn for Dubai Jobs

We all know how hard it can be too get a job, but it can be especially hard to get the job you really want. Well, fortunately this task has been made much easier by the rise of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But, with so many options available to you, which is the most effective? Well, they all serve their purpose, but one network that is proving itself a prime tool for job search, for the mid-career to senior level worker, is LinkedIn. At last count, LinkedIn had over 100,000,000 users world-wide and around 900,000 in UAE, which counts for 1 in 5 people in the UAE. The stats show that if you want to make serious waves in the Dubai business network, LinkedIn is the optimal starting point.

But, how can a job seeker leverage LinkedIn to land their dream job in Dubai?

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