Using LinkedIn To Land a Great Job in Dubai

We all know how hard it can be too get a job, but it can be especially hard to get the job you really want. Well, fortunately this task has been made much easier by the rise of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But, with so many options available to you, which is the most effective? Well, they all serve their purpose, but one network that is proving itself a prime tool for job search, for the mid-career to senior level worker, is LinkedIn. At last count, LinkedIn had over 100,000,000 users world-wide and around 900,000 in UAE, which counts for 1 in 5 people in the UAE. The stats show that if you want to make serious waves in the Dubai business network, LinkedIn is the optimal starting point.

But, how can a job seeker leverage LinkedIn to land their dream job in Dubai?

Dubai LinkedIn Groups

One of the most powerful job search tools in LinkedIn is Groups; these are communities where you can network with like minded individuals. Since you are looking to get a job in Dubai, you should search and join 2 or 3 of the leading Dubai based recruitment groups. The most popular is ‘Dubai Recruitment‘ which contains over 100,000 members, so you have quite a few people to network with!

Joining the groups is the easy part, although ensure that you read and obey the group’s usage policy to avoid being barred from the group for policy violations.

Dubai Jobs in LinkedIn Groups

Once in the group, there are lots of ways to find a job. Your first port of call should be to click the ‘jobs’ tab. This will give you access to jobs within Dubai, and these lists are updated by the minute, so check back regularly. Even if you don’t check regularly, LinkedIn sends a daily e-mail to all members, listing out all new job postings. You can apply for these jobs directly through LinkedIn.

Another way to find jobs in the group is to view and join the discussions in the forum area of the group. In here, you will find a range of Dubai based employers and recruiters engaged in discussions relating to employment in Dubai or in their firm. You can contribute to these discussions and network with these individuals to build relationships that could turn into jobs.

Show Off Your Expertise

As well as joining geographic groups like Dubai Recruitment you can join industry based groups that are relevant to your profession. You can use these industry groups in a slightly different way to the geographical groups. For example, if you are looking for an accountancy job in Dubai, firstly join an industry group like Finance Plus Once you have joined the group find and participate in a Dubai based, accountancy discussion and contribute to the technical discussions and show off your skills in accountancy. You will in effect be marketing yourself to potential employers, meaning you could end up with an invite to interview.

As you can can see LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool which you can use to build relationships with Dubai based employers or to apply directly for jobs. With 1 in 5 employers in Dubai using LinkedIn, it should not be overlooked…

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