Telecommunications Jobs in Dubai: Outlook Strengthens and Stabilizes

Telecommunications in its simplest form is the transmission of messages over significant distances with the intent to communicate. Since the revolution of wireless communications in the first decade of the 20th century, telecommunications now plays a huge role in the global economy. Telecommunications revenue reached $1.7 trillion dollars in 2008 and is expected to reach nearly $3 trillion by 2013.

Whether it is on a micro or macroeconomic level, a strong telecommunication infrastructure has a lot to do with the level of success. Mobile telecommunications has enabled people to be productive and stay in close contact with co-workers regardless of location.

The city of Dubai is a developing city with major construction projects that include tourist attractions, business complexes, and a manmade island. With the large amount of real estate development and a massive increase of the general population, the need for a solid telecommunications infrastructure in Dubai is critical to its future success. Telecommunications jobs are readily available in Dubai because of the nature of the city and the basis of its economy. Dubai’s vision of being a progressive city on the cutting edge goes hand in hand with the need for a strong telecommunications platform. Business and civic leaders have made it a priority, which has lead to many job opportunities in the field being available.

The current state of the job sector is strong with the outlook seemingly brighter. As the local and global economy improves additional resources to create more telecommunications jobs will be available.

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