Personal Assistant Positions in Dubai Growing at a Steady Pace

Personal Assistant jobs are a fairly recent phenomenon and should not be confused with secretarial positions. Personal assistant jobs vary across several industries and are not limited to an office environment. Duties of personal assistants vary and there is not set job description. Personal assistant duties can vary from answering phone calls, coordinating schedules, and personal tasks. Personal assistants, or executive assistants as they are sometime called, now play a major role in the corporate world. Their duties have expanded and they are often times the right hand person of the corporate executive.

The personal assistant job sector in Dubai is expected to increase as the city is becoming a central figure in the world wide economy. The city has attracted several large corporations such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, CNBC, CNN, and the Associated Press. As more large corporations set up operations in Dubai, the openings for personal assistants will likely increase.

Dubai is still developing as a city and there are several major land development projects that are either taking place or are scheduled for the future. One of the projects includes a major business park that will include 500 skyscrapers. As this project is completed and the office space is leased or purchased, the need for personal assistants will rise dramatically. The future of the personal assistant job market in Dubai is contingent on the completion and occupation of the business park currently under construction. The outlook looks positive for the long term future of the personal assistant job market in Dubai.

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