Take your Internship to the Next Level

In the old days, they used to call it apprenticeship, where a young hopeful would be taken under the wings of an expert and learn the trade. In a more advanced corporate world, the same purpose is met by internship programs.

Finding an internship can be tough in the UAE, but a new online community to be launched this autumn, should come as a boon to the students struggling to find an internship. Having found an internship opportunity, most of us want this to be converted into a real job and then embark on a successful career.

Reality can be different though. A Forbes research shows that 60% of paid internships and 37% of unpaid internships turn into a job. While these numbers are not fully discouraging,   it is important to find oneself on the right side of these statistics. Make the right moves and grooves to turn your internship into a job.

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