Salaries in Dubai – How To Predict Your Dubai Salary

One of the most asked questions I face is: how much am I going to be paid in Dubai? Even though the answer can vary greatly, you can still actually come up with a reasonable approximation of how much you are going to be paid in Dubai by following the methods that are outlined here.

To plan your life in Dubai safely and accurately, you need to align your expectations with reality. That’s why you need accurate approximation of your salary. To get that, you’re going to have to do some research of your own.

You can do your Dubai salary research online or offline or both. I will provide you with the information you need and will tell you about the benefits of each, and it is up to you to choose.

Question: what can you do online to find out your expected Dubai salary?


  1. Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies
  2. Check out Dubai job sites
  3. Use Dubai salary calculators
  4. Read Bayt’s salary survey reports

I will take you through each one of the bulletpoints above…So let’s start…

Online Investigation

Check out the listings of Dubai recruitment agencies

There are dozens of recruitment agencies in Dubai. However, only a few of them have fully maintained and up to date websites that provide salary information. Here are the three recruitment agencies that have listings I recommend you check for salaries:

  1. Jobtrack Middle East –
  2. BAC Middle East –
  3. Nadia Middle East –

For more, check out the the recruitment agency listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Even though the websites above don’t have the most user-friendly design and navigation, they do have rich listings that may give you valuable insight into Dubai salaries. Be aware, however, that some of these salaries are inflated to attract applicants or intended for IDEAL candidates.

Check out Dubai job sites

Another or additional way to measure your expected Dubai salary is to check out the listings on Dubai job sites. Some employers indicate a salary range in their job postings.

Just like with recruitment agencies, there are dozens of job sites in Dubai. Here are two that you can start with:

  1. –
  2. NaukriGulf –

For more, check out the the job sites listing in Dubai Career’s Directory.

Do a search for your desired position on those sites, and see if there are postings that indicate a salary range.

Use Dubai salary calculators

A third way to investigate your expected Dubai salary online is to use Dubai salary calculators (which are based on salary surveys).

The seemingly most comprehensive salary calculator for Dubai and the one that I would recommend is PayScale’s.

Offline Investigation

There are several reasons why you might want to do offline salary research, such as:

  1. All of the above online methods didn’t provide enough information for your specific case
  2. You want to confirm your online findings
  3. The online research may take longer than this quick offline investigation

By offline investigation, what I really mean is that you call up a recruitment agency, tell them about your skills and experience, and ask them about the average salary for a profile like yours. It’s easy, quick and effective! I have done it a couple of times.

The most friendly recruitment agency I dealt with is IQ Selection. I recommend that you call them first. Their phone number is: +971 4 329 7770. Make sure that you ask for the recruiter who specializes in your specific industry.

As always, confirm your answers by calling a few other recruitment agents. You can find their phone numbers in my recruitment agencies list.

Now this kind of salary research should be enough to give you a pretty good idea of what you should expect to be paid in Dubai, so that you can plan safely and accurately!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!



    am an aircraft technician just working in my country kenya with five years experience and i have been offered a job in dubai to be paid UAD 10000 Would that sustain me and my pregnant wife in dubai comfortably and save other amount? plese advise me.

  2. mostafa says:

    I have an offer form dewa with 18108 AED per month in dubai+ medical insurrance and airfare for 5 persons per year. I am an engineer with 14 years experience in fiber optic cables and I will bring my wife and two childs with me.
    this is a good chance or not. I have a stable job in egypt in a big authority with suitable salary.

  3. anwaar sipra says:

    i am 30 years pakistani and having a master degree and doing job in well reputed institution of Health Sector here as Personal Assistant to Director Finance, and having experience Finance, Auditing, posted as here computer operator and i want to move dubai, can you suggest me, if there is opportunity to move and in what company or loaction in dubai.


    Muhammad Anwaar Hussain

  4. anwaar sipra says:

    i am 30 years pakistani and having a master degree MBA (Finance & Banking)and doing job in well reputed institution of Health Sector here as Personal Assistant to Director Finance, and having experience Finance, Auditing, posted as here computer operator and i want to move dubai, can you suggest me, if there is opportunity to move and in what company or loaction in dubai.


    Muhammad Anwaar Hussain

  5. Agustino says:


    I’ve just received and offer to move to DXB. Salary 250.000 AED/year + 27.000 AED/year car allowance and 60.000 AED/YEAR housing allowance + pension plan + medical insurance.
    I would like to know if, whit these amounts i can afford a “good” life there. Good life means to me, a 60/70 sqm apartment in a good area, a normal car (toyota or smthng like that), money for going out, dinner in a good restaurant twice x week, do some sport (tennis, etc.), etc. etc.

    Wait for your kindly comments and guidance.

  6. ajay kumar says:


    My goal is to use my creative talent, education & an organization so that I can take the organization to a new height & grow my career. I always strive to learn more & always willing to expand my creativity & knowledge.

    Academic Education:
    10TH From P.S.E.B with 76%
    10+2 (Medical) From P.S.E.B with 65%

    Terchnical Qualifications:
    2 Year Diploma in Pharmacy from G.G.N.KHALSA COL. OF PHARMACY, Ludhiana (2007-2009) from Punjab state board of technical education & industrial training CHD.

    D-Pharm 1st year with 73 %
    D-Pharm 2nd year with 77 %

    Computer Education
    Six month computer course in basic & web designing

    Specific Strengths
    Ability to work independently & as a part of team
    Good co-ordination & co-operation with people
    Ability to achieve best possible results under extreme pressure

    Six month experience in KOTAK MAHINDRA as MARKETING AGENT
    Two year experience as an accountant
    Six month experience as Pharmacist at Viva Chemist Store (Surya Healthcare)
    Now working as Pharmacist in Apollo Hospital from last 6 months

    5 also working as an insurance agent

    Personal Details:

    Date of Birth : 27-06-1987
    Sex : Male
    Marital status : Unmarried
    Languages Known : English, Hindi, Punjabi.
    Hobbies : Cooking, Internet Surfing, Reading,
    Listening Music
    E-Mail ID :

    Aim of life to be successful in every aspect of life. I do hereby declare that all the statements mentioned above are true to best of my knowledge & belief.

    Reference: Ajay Kumar
    Mob. # 8146764619

    H. No. 2261/2,
    LUDHIANA (Punjab)

  7. Hello,
    I am a Senior Pre-Sales Consultant working for a big multinational IT company. I have 9 years of working experience in Europe. I am 33 years old, I am French with a Masters in computer engineering and an MBA. I am willing to move to the middle east, and UAE would be an interesting location for me. I have 2 questions if you could help:
    1- do you have an idea of how much of a salary I can expect to get with my profile?
    2- do you know if for UAE employers, it is better to move to UAE and then start applying for jobs? or I can start looking for a job now while I’m still based in Europe? (via internet & headhunters)

    Thank you,


  8. farhan khan says:

    my name is farhan.i m from india.plz help me .plz give me information of data entry job companies in dubai .thank you

  9. i have done my btech in electronics and communication, and an mba in marketing and operations and dont have any work experience.i am planning to go to dubai this month and stay with my uncle and find a job. will it be easy to find a job that suits my qualification.and please tell about the initial salaries that i can get

  10. i did my MBA in marketing and operations and btech in electronics and communication.and have no experience at all.i am planning to come to dubai this month end and stay with my uncle and start searcing for a job. will it be possible for me to get a job there which suits my qualification quickly.and can u tell me the salaries that i can get.
    and please guide me how to look out for a job.

  11. Hello sir

    Iam Anil from India .I have completed Medical Laboratary Techncian course 2006 and I have 4 yrs of Exp.could you please tell me about the payscale .My email ID

  12. Sikander Singh says:

    I am a Land Surveyor with 5 years of work experience.

    How much money should I expect in Dubai. I am from India. My current earning is Rs. 4.2 Lakh per Annum

  13. hi.
    i have a master degree of commerce from pkistan and i wawnt to do job in dubai, i hve no xperiene, could you estimte how much i get paid.

  14. Jaiganesh says:

    I’m an MBA in Finance and Systems from one of the best college in India. I have been offered placement in dubai with a salary of 4200 dhirams + free accomodation as marketing manager. Should I accept the offer. pls help

  15. Shah Jahan says:

    Salam to All,

    I have 6 years of experience in Red Hat Linux Network & Administration side. Am looking for a job in Dubai and currently i am working in Bank at Pakistan as IT Incharge. Can any one please help me to get some details about Network jobs

    Shah Jahan

  16. Ali Siddiqui says:

    I am planning to move to Dubai. I am a UK citizen, a graduate and working as Finance Officer in UK government department for the last 10 years. I would be interested to know what sort of real salary/ package I should be looking for when move to Dubai.


  17. Hello,

    I am work with a five star hotel in IT department i am looking job in dubai Please advice me

  18. asgar hussain says:

    i am mba fresh holder and want a (m b a) related job in dubai so sir plz tell me that how we can get a job dubai

  19. i am a pinoy Secondary english teacher and i am looking for an opportunity in Dubai. I want to know the working condition of a teacher awaits me in dubai, as well as the benefits and the salary. Thank you

  20. Hi,
    i m frm india, i hav recently completed my B.Tech in Computer Sc. And Engg. with a D.G.P.A. of 8.7. could u please tell me how much salary am i entitled to if i m looking at Dubai or Muscat for a IT related job.. please let me know…

    thnk u..!!

  21. i am 28yrs from uganda holding a passprt, can i know which company can get me a job
    with a diploma in business studies.
    privide me some jobs which can be offered to me.
    do these companies provide the air ticket?


  22. Hi all, I’m an Italian engineer in electronics and optical telecommunications. I’m finding a job in the UAE in that area. Could any of you tell me a specific/selective website to search and find companies or research institution in the field of optical communications? the ideal for me would be a list of company so as to apply directly in their website.

    Thank you.

  23. aqsa hasware says:

    hi im aqsa and im from uk, im 15 years of age, i just want to ask how much an architect earns in dubai cause im planning to become an architect hopefully and move to the UAE like my sister.
    Thanks you !

  24. aqsa hasware says:


    im 15 years old and i have been wondering how much can an architect earn in dubai because im planning on becoming an architect and moving to the UAE like my sister.

    Thank you !

  25. Vasilis Kanellopoulos says:

    Hi there!
    I am a M.D Radiologist working as specialist Ultrasonographer in a General Private clinic at Greece for the last 3,5 years.I am Greek , and i ve finished Medical School in English language. I am 36 years old and i would like to ask you if there are any job oportunities for people with my specialization at Dubai-United Emirates. I am also interested to find out what is the average monthly income for similar cases. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  26. farhan khan says:


  27. siobhan says:

    been offered a hairdressers job in dubai of salary basic of 9,000 plus commison and accomadation and visas paid is this a good deal im from the uk and been hairdressing for 9 years

  28. hey il be graduating next year in computer science i want to pursue my carreer as a web developer in dubai… much salary should i expect ?

  29. Hi

    I have 3 years of experience with Bank of New York Mellon India, in finance & Bank reconciliation. I mam looking for a job in Dubai. So please guide me about the openings available over there, or tell me the job agencies.I am ready to work at Abu-dhabi or Um-Al-Quaine also.

  30. hello,

    I am a graduate in law and also have graduation in Economics. i am from india whether i could get a good job there and how much salary do i get minimum. how to find job there in dubai.

  31. I have 7 years of engineering experience with MNC in India. what is the salary that i can expect to get in Dubai?

  32. Muhammad says:

    Nice Article.
    I am an Australian Citizen with 12 years of extensive experience in Networking LAN/WAN field also with some good management experience of managing networks. Worked mostly as Technical leads. What do you think my Salary should be on average in Dollars if i plan to apply and recruiters ask me for CTC.
    Would appreciate your comments.

  33. Abdul Waheed, Pakistan says:

    Hi, I like this blog. I want to know I am a Computer Science graduate and a fresh, so of what minimum salary I can be offered a job in Dubai?

  34. Hello there,

    I found this site is very useful. thanks very much.

    I have 4.5 years experience in Quality Assurance from Manufacturing Industry, specific on Internal Quality Audit AS9100 Aerospace Standard. I’m expecting my self to be paid USD10,000 ~ AED37,000 monthly in Dubai.

    Is this consider good pay, or average pay for a men with wife and one kid?

  35. Sunil kumar says:

    I m a graduate in bca in 2005 ,
    I hav six years experience in Bse , nse, Mcx and Ncdex
    as a branch manager. I hav good knowledge about Bse , nse Mcx and Ncdex .
    I want a new job in Dubai plzz help me

  36. Ketema Kebede says:

    I have a bachelors degree in Marketing Management and 1st year MBA student with +6 years work experience in managerial posts.How much is enough to live in Dubai and how much do i expect?

  37. Mohammed Muzasser Hossain says:

    I am an M.A. in English and now working (for 5 years) as a lecturer in English in a college in Bangladesh. I am interested to work in Dubai. Will you please suggest me which jobs I can apply for and how much I will be paid if I get a suitable job? Please you also inform me how I should proceed?

  38. hi

    i am naeem

  39. hi
    i have done BCS and CCNA and i am a dropout this month.i have good knowldeg in cisco but i havnt worked anywere.can i get any jobs in dubai,how much the will be paying for network administrators.

  40. i am a banker in pakistan with 3 year husband is also a banker and we both have done MBA.we want to move to Dubai.can some one help us how can we get job in dubai?

  41. Suresh Babu.K says:

    Could you please give me some guidence, recently I selected for one job for Dubai, my salary is 8000 AD + 2500AD for accomadation+ children education allowence+ yearly 4 tickets. I am asking you is good salaries to stay comfortable with my family and saving atleast 5000AD/ month.

    Looking forward for your early replay


  42. MOHD ARIFUDDIN says:


  43. Hello there,

    i am working as a Sales Manager in Pakistan. I want to move in Dubai. I have 10 years experience in selling of industrial/automotive paints/coatings.

    How much salary should I expect in Dubai and please indicate the minimum salary range which may be comfortable for my family to live in Dubai?

  44. Hi,
    I hold a BSc in interior architecture (since 19 yrs) and BSc+MSc in architectural engineering (ince 12 yrs), with a wide experience both in high-rise and interior (some of my clients where world famous companies). I have applied to many job postings (more then 20), but nobody got back to me. Is there any explanation for that?
    As I saw, my salary expactation should by somewhere between 15-20K. Am I realistic?

  45. hi i am graduate , working as EA with multinational in India , and total of 11years of experience. with a child 3years , what kind of salary i should look at ?

  46. Retail fashion brand Sales manager with 4 years of experience , what salary he will get in Dubai

  47. good evening…..
    i am pursuing bachelor of techonology final year from computer science information techonolgy stream so i would like to know what is the market for hardware networking and oracle in the present days and for future so that i can make up my self strong at the end of my final year….so kindly let me know

  48. i would also like to know the salary for oracle database management systems and hardware networking that is network administrator/system administrator???

  49. hi i am a fresh graduate mechanical engineer with a CGPA of 9.52/10 from BITS pilani Dubai. What is the pay scale that i should expect, thanks

  50. I’ MBA degree holder and currently working as an accountant. i want to come in Dubai in my field. what you suggest for me.